2pac - 187 On A Hook (Remix)

Song Rating: 7.18/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook: C-Bo] (2X)
West side, its 187 on a motherf**ing hook
n***as out of bounds should have shook
We bangin by the book
Got shot in the neck tryin to get away
And to a vigi it aint nothin but gun play

[Verse 1: 2Pac]
Got some static for some n***as on the other side of town
Let my little cousin K roll, hes a rider now
What they want from us motherf**in thug n***as?
Used to love n***as, now I plug n***as
And slug n***as, am I wrong?
n***as makin songs, tryin to get with us
Must be gone on stress weed, in the West we trust
To the chest I BUST! Then we ride til the sun come
Shinin back to brighten up the sky, how many die?
Heard the Fugees was tryin to do me - look b**h!
I cut your face, this aint no motherf**in movie
THEN! We watch the other two die slow
Castrated entertainin at my motherf**in sideshow
BAM! Set my plan in mo, time to exterminate my foes
I cant stand you hoes, uhh
Now label this my f**in trick shot
My lyrics runnin all you cowards out of hip-hop
When we ride - on our enemies

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
n***a to catch this n***a, Im ready to peel one
Instead of the shoulders I gotta diss toward a n***as grill some
Vigilante and villain regime n***as come with steel guns
Get ready to sleep cause you tripped when you f** with a villain
Which one of yall motherf**ers said f** Tech N9ne
Shady Pacino turned C-ho when I clutched that N9ne
Me and my n***a C-Bo Yuk mezzole not only bust that rhyme
We can do it illegal so the evilll give a f** next time
n***a dont you ever spit my name
And thinking that sh**s the same
Two thou we switched the game and spit the flame (Wah)
Allah hu akbar - is what I say before I buck you
Motherf** busters like vell Bacardi yeah n***a had enough you
Get ready to suffer - kneel down
n***a, Tech N9ne k**er Klown
n***a, six feet underground is where your found

n***a, 40 water would never did a song wit you if he knew the song
Was about me never make a million
Next time say my name say my name like destinys children - b**h

[Hook: C-Bo] (2X)

[Verse 3: 2Pac]
Come take a journey through my minds eye
You crossed the game, dont explain
n***a, time to die, say goodbye
Watch my eyes - when I pull the trigger
So right before you die you bow before a bigger n***a
Now dry your eyes, you was heartless on your hits
n***as love to scream peace after they start some sh** - pay attention
Heres a word to those that robbed me
I murder you then I, run a train on Mobb Deep!
Dont f** with me!
n***a youre barely livin, dont you got sickle cell?
See me have a seizure on stage, you aint feelin well, hell
How many n***as wanna be involved?
See I was only talkin to Biggie
But Ill k** alla yall, then ball
Then tell Da Brat to keep her mouth closed
f** around and get tossed up, by the f**in Outlawz
Before I leave, make sure everybody heard
Know I meant, every motherf**in word
When we ride on our enemies

[Verse 4: C-Bo]
Buck these n***as, Im a k**er screamin regime
Deep navis with heat like the A team
And when my K scream, its causin nothin but murder
Bucking these n***as makin hate me
Yeah, n***a, we dont give a f**, n***a we thug lords
Connected from Tech N9ne and touched for the thug war
Whose got love for these n***as with no love
At all give a f** guns clutched
Only left a ball I know you heard of me wanna murder me
Cause Im the n***a that cooked the bird (?) in the kitchen
Moms itchin had the whole gang unwrappin chickens
n***a and we was headed for the jack strapped
With a fat gat, all my n***as down to rat-tat-tat-tat
West coast bad boys we was yellin
Now West Coast Mafia regime and thug zellin n***a

[Hook: C-Bo] (2X)

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 11:37