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Song lyrics:


2YC is awesome
And if you have a problem than you just must be so awful;
I see you getting salty cause you know that were so awesome
Your grandma thinks Im awesome
It s**s that youre a faggot;

[Verse 1: Stormie Hates You]

The f**s an introduction?
Sit down, shut up, enjoy the show
S.H.Y.; 2.Y.C; still 17 years old
Still annoying people for no reason, still that f**ing troll
James Franco messages keep showing on my mobile phone;
Now Im indecisive, tryna be happy for life
So Im freeing 8 year old boys in the vatican
Trapped in the back again
The closet next to the pope
Hes out again
Ill prolly bring the coke in
You think Im f**ing joking?
Setting all nuns on fire and this is not ironic
If you heard baby you should know were f**ing iconic
I saw it;

Cause this is how I spend my time
Well Ill admit youre right, Im just alright
Im awesome
If you dont agree youre awful
Me and Nikki holding signs up saying Stop Austin
And well bring it to his concert
Hara** his little fans
Then well drive around and buy some candy from the pedo vans, prolly

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Nikki Flashlight]

(Stormie: Who are we?)

Female Jay and Silent Bob
Meth Lab in my closet and I got some help from my mom
Got a bloody nose all because of Chris Browns palm
Plus my ears are bleeding too because I heard that timber song
Everyones so basic
You can see it in their faces
And the shorts that they have that are always high waisted
Going to some rave party finding it as their enjoyment
Cause their all lames and shubnubs

[Chorus x2]

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