3D Natee - 90s Rich

Song Rating: 7.76/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse: 1 Peter Jackson]
They say budget gotta be a mill
They said, I heard he signed a new deal
Heard he whippin that Range, or that 550-CL
Gotta be that dog like it was 96
From the Metro Zoo like I was mind tricks
Rest in peace to my side chick
I just married my main b**h
Old money thats so old money
Tucked away and grew more money
Rolled up with your earn money
Burn that like I earn money
2013 with a little bread from that safe
Bought that new house but thats all bread that we cake
Hold up, wait do whatever for the paper
Pocket full of hunnids and a room full of haters
Heard you mad b**h, your mad I made it?
Tell your boyfriend Im f**ing famous
By the way you can kiss my anus
This aint grade nine and you still basic
I get mine b**h and you get wasted
How the f** that feel? Tasteless

Mo money thats so old money
Tucked away and get mo money

[Verse: 2 D.J. Paul]
Keep on ducking dont use it
Keep my name out yo music
Couple hunnid thousands, sh** you n***as jump like you clueless
I do it, Basemont n***a ill split yo wig
Pour it in your house down 3 little pigs
Money on your head Ill make that bid
Pimp C said dont burn your bridge
You ride our sh** but a n***a might
End a n***a night then catch a flight
Bet you cant f** with a n***a like
Cause you need her space like Gigabytes
Im working and while Im sitting Im tryna get blown
Click Clack better lower your tone
Penetentry is where theyll leave me alone
And Ill put up more hits good heads the most
I advise you n***as to watch out (watch out)
Ride around town with the Glock out (Glock out)
We jump so many hoes with a knock out (knock out)
We could talk about it alone I dont give a f** bout (f** bout)
You n***as trust-less, n***a Im rolling horses side
Cocky bumping Ralph Lauren, tell your Julio horses


[Verse: 3 3D NaTee]
From the New Orleans
My n***as ride with that Kobe
And every other day is a war scene
No chill, n***as toke still
And coke deal, with more pills than a Walgreens
f** a ball team
n***a show me where the cake at
For the state cake with a bake set
Tryna get chips and risk it and wreck it like Asap

Catch you slippin Im a take that
Pistol with a weight set
Put you in the four with the basement
Tryna eat motherf**er where the plates at?
Soul n***as on my condomy streets
Soul rats never speak like consequence
See a better beast
Disaram put a music and fleas
Ridin in a jeep
23s on her feet
And the city on the seat
Duckin the police
Aint no other chick that is bad as this
I rep for the streets and the savages
And with this rapper sh**
I k** n***as like a black Jodi Arias
I make it happen b**h
Im the catalyst
I know you use to pa** on rapper chicks
But everything I get on, I bury it
3-D-Na-Tee not your average b**h!


[Verse: 4 Joell Ortiz]
Let me ask yall this, what the f** yall want?
Came from the fifth make my whole arm jump
You never been cool, I remember you in school
Me and all of my n***as use to take yall lunch
Aint no thang its the same ol same
Your name may have changed but I know you
Victim of extortion is that you flossin
Have you stop by for an IOU
Homeroom teacher said I wont be sh**
Look at everything that I wont be b**h
Wont be a rapper, wont be sick
Yeah Im nothing like you, cause you wont be rich
You can only teach Geography, I see Geography
Share a flight and Ill laugh
Thatll be the first time Ms. Herkstein was absent from the first cla**
And I dont change cause my loop long
Might slide these on with a shoe on
But when Im in the spot Im real easy to spot
Spit it to the side with a suit on
Never been a type of n***a too horn
But boy Im a big deal no Brewpon
Im living social, while your b**h emotional
Tell her ease back like a futon
I dont like those
I just pipe those
Never wife those
What the f** am I talkin about I never wife none
When a nice gun
Thats when I go
Cause theres no such thing as the right one
If you living this life with a light one
Hold that cup over your head
Where me and you from, they call that the slums, by now we supposed to be dead


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