A Spectre Is Haunting Europe - Xp**nographX

Song Rating: 9.48/10

Song lyrics:

The priest copulates w/the young teens as a matter of ceremony, unceremoniously jizzing while he can. its said its tradition. keeping agรจd in circulation. black antennae dangling from bosom. reaching into soft faces for lore. mesmerism, vampirism, p**n. give up your tired, weak and forlorn. put them on a train bound for London. I am the end and the beginning. The alpha, omega and the mean. Born under shadows of crooked signs, dying and undead, spanning all time. Raising the prostitutes from the mire, management drowns in a sea of fire. Mezzanines collapse to the shop floor, no more filth, no more โ€œfoot in the doorโ€. Dont mourn the collapse of the city. Dont blame the filthy society

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 11:57