Action Bronson - 850 Music

Song Rating: 8.90/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Retchy P]
Hopped out of the f**ing S550 into the 850
Admire my transition, b**h

[Hook: RetcH x2]
In search of answers, the stone is missing, stakes is rising
No silver lining on the horizon, the sun is blinding
Cap of the mountain, it was covered in snow
Aint smoked the weed cause he was toting the dro, f** that

[Verse 1: Retchy P]
Down in the foyer, paranoia is what I suffer off the marijuana
Im looking like Im fresh up out the sauna
Jumped in the wave pool, 11 Jordans they was grey cool
The bay stool is where I ate food
Unbelievable is what I turn into achievable
The elevator need a key to move
Her name was Sandra, had two kids, two baby fathers
I bang her p**y on the desk, caress the breast
Effervescent when I step out of the villa stunting
The leather jacket dog butter like a English muffin
Dissembled the guard, breached the fort, now Im at large
Crashed the speed boat my uncle was pissed

Guzzled a fifth, toss the bottle, knock out a fish
Had her mouth to my dick and the wheel slipped out of my hand
Pardon me fam, dont brag, but Im living sumptuous
The arm candy so voluptuous, its Porter

[Verse 2: Action Bronson]
I swear to god I look Egyptian in the Jeep
With a three year conviction in the seat
Courtside, Pistons vs the Heat
My hair slicked back like Im Pat Riley
Im like the Howard drumline with the black Tommy
Plastic money from down under
Butternut squash ravioli, sage brown butter
Big Body make the pounds stutter
Two inches off the ground hovering a beamer
Like Bobby Browns mother
Come and f** with your man, dog
Serve dimes the size of hand balls, rocking sandles
Then hit Scandals, throw a Benz in the air
Then walk out, do donuts in front the whorehouse
All I want is raw mouth, please dont stain up the lords couch
The Grand Marnier pours out
Dont make me have to bring the sword out

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 05:20