Agent Sasco (Assa**in) - Resolution 588

Song Rating: 9.38/10

Song lyrics:

A war is going on between Iran and Iraq
Is everybody aware of this fruitless misery
Countless lives have been waisted
Money keeps the machine guns running well

The cease fire is demanted
Release of prisoners is urged
New trust is requested
Peace and freedom is wanted
A resolution has pa**ed the security council
New hope is given to new freedom
The goal is to ban the bloody useless war
We have to stop the war, come on lets do it!

Fight for: Resolution 588
Get through Resolution 588
No choice Resolution 588

Lets go and go for it

The UNs demanding an immediate ceasefire
Will Iran stop bumbing Basra?
Will Iraq quit the air raids in Teheran and Hamadan?
Will the superpowers be very careful?

Stop the bloody war now, lets go for it
Everybody is involved yeah
Support the Resolution 588

Resolution 588 testifies that good will is there
Lets try to change the will to reality
So far the war had no chance to stop for any
Length of time
Will the little resolution be the chance?


Date of text publication: 29.06.2021 at 10:04