Angie Stone - Funk You Up

Song Rating: 7.86/10

Song lyrics:

Dont you give up
Keep going, keep going, keep going (3x)

Were gonna funk you right on up
Were gonna funk you right on up (4x)

I said get up get up
Sit back down

Oh hey you sitting over there
You better get up out of your chair
And work your body down
No time to funk around
Because we gonna


Hey you sitting over there
You look as if you dont care
But sit right there
And drink out your cup
Because Im gonna mess around and funk you up
Ima funk you up boy
Ima funk you up boy


Hey you sitting over there
You better get up out of your chair
And work your body down
No time to funk around


If youre not ready
You better get yourself together
Gon funk you up
It could happen anytime
Dont care about the weather
Gon funk you up


[Verse 1]
My name is Gwen, uh, but they call me Blondie
Im better known as the one and only
Im five foot two, built so fine
36-26-36 dime
Im better known as freaky 10
A Sequence freak with all the fans
When I clap my hands and I stomp my feet
I jam to the sound of the Sequence beat
Wave your hands in the air
And wave em like you just dont care
Like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire
My main man Yogi Bear
I said I hit-ma-jazz, and I raz-ma-jazz
And I jam to the disco beat
And if you could move your body like you move your hands
Then Im sure you can move your feet
Cause Im supersonic, Im a 3X tonic
When Im not down, Im up
When I get real hungry I run to the store
And get my Resees cup
I watch TV on my own
You gotta Yabba-Dabba-Doo with Fred Flintstone
Im sweeter than candy, Im sweeter than honey
Thats why they call my Blondie
Im super cool and Im super fine
And Im one of a kind to shock your mind
And you can ring my bell all through the night
Uh, you could rock my body till the early light
Uh, dont ring my bell, Im sayin please
If you cannot fulfill my needs
I dont mean to brag, I dont mean to boast
But they call my name from coast to coast
From the coast of California to the shore of Maine

Everybody loves the way I play my game
Say I got more rhymes in the back of my mind
Than Benny D got lovers
I say I got style and I got cla**
I dont talk my stuff to fast
See, Im cold as ice, Im twice as nice
I get more s** than a cat chase mice
Blondie, hey thats me
Im rapping in the key of R-A-P
I said bye-bye, baby, boogie, a boogie, baby
Boogie baby, boogie baby, goodbye
I said bye-bye, baby, boogie, a
Boogie, baby, boogie baby, boogie baby, goodbye
And you heard the raps of Blondie
And it was all the way live
I said Blondie, hey, thats me
Im rapping in the key of R-A-P

Ring a ding-ding-ding-dong
Ring a ding-ding-ding-dong

[Verse 2]
They call me Cheryl and Ill tell you why
Cause I got such s**y bedroom eyes
And I pop em out and you look surprised
I got you and youre hypnotized
My love is strong if you can stand
To be within my s**y trance
But dont let this tell you about me
Im a jealous lady and that youll see
If I dont get the things that I mention
Thats when I start crying for attention
(Attention) Thats what I say
And things just always go my way
Well I talk a lot but Im really shy
My loving ways just get me by
I write the baddest sounds around
Im guaranteed to throw down
The only difference between you and
And that is that Im s**y
Im an angel possessed with some devilish eyes
With the curvy hips to make your nature rise

[Verse 3]
I said Angie B is what they say
I got chocolate hips and a Milky Way
And I feel like a millionaire in space
Flyin on a go-cart with a silver lace
Everybody calls me never wrong
Cause Im a best style freak with a funky song
Do you hear me talkin, do you hear me singin
On the microphone, wont you sing along
(You go do it, you go do it, you go do it, do it, do it)
I got two great partners standin by me
Thats guaranteed to jam to the beat
One is Blondie and shes right on time
She calls herself Miss Super Fine
I said Cheryl the Pearl is the one with the eyes
Shes guaranteed to hypnotize
Said Angie B, he, thats me
I can rock you so dangerously
(You go do it, you go do it, you go do it, do it, do it)
At a quarter to six you got in a fix
And you called on Angie B
And you look surprised as I arrive
To see me dressed to a tee
(You go do it, you go do it, you go do it, do it, do it)

Cha-cha-cha (Ha-ha-ha)
Cha-cha-cha (Ha-ha-ha)

[Hook] [2x]

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