Apathy - Vengeance

Song Rating: 9.63/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Esoteric]
Im getting that feeling, I feel like ripping and k**ing
Until my system is filling, until my diction is illing
Until I drip penicillin, until Im victim and villain
And vilified as a vigilante Avengers [uncanny of vindication??]
The only verdict is vengeance, a vanguard
And you should know the inspiration it be V for Vendetta
Im back and lethal as ever until my people eat better
Therell be no peace in my letters
The speech a Desert Eagle, the beats a Beretta
Im George Carlin balling both evil and clever
My terror vision is that religion and nepotism
Free separatism of church and state thats Esos wisdom
We Wachovia, you can bank on it
Im a nightcrawler, daywalker, bright scholar might holler
Old school alright chall-er
f** you white collar backstabbers, I stand over Anne Coulter
Sankofa take it back, Land Rover painted black
I got a son on the way, Im knee-deep in this game
And I aint running away, Im here to stay
Tomorrows never promised so you know we never fear today

[Verse 2: Termanology]
Whats the verdict? Vicodin mixed with VSOP swerving
Very smooth, very calm, very determined
Cant tell the difference between a video vixen b**h or a virgin
f** a radio version, spitting from the curb and
Im violent as the Vikings, swords, like Uma Thurman
Rode through your slum village with a .38
Popped you in your carrot top, have you leaking V8
The blood that pump through these veins
Is that of a veteran, hes crazed
So vote for the villain, hop out the V-12
Rocking velour, bumping Louis Vuitton don while Im robbing the store
Scrape off the VIN number, go and get my mask
Semi stashed, back to the lab, bangin that Vinnie Paz
I put men to silence, dont get tossed in a van over your little wallet
Face turning violet
Yall some baby ballers, careful when you spend your dollars
Im like a mix of Van Halen and Don Gotta
You better dead the violence before you feel big pain
Like Voletta Wallace, yall gonna make me vomit

[Scratch Hook]

[Verse 3: Trademarc]
Yall want violence or vengeance? I was made to attack
Your remnants bear little resemblance
Like amendments after Patriot Act
Erase them like brittle descendants
I want the presidents widow collecting severance
In attendance as the window of his Yukon gla** smash
Upon a bullets entrance, move on like veterans
Villainous half the time in Saudi villages
Mixed with that rage is violent volatile ways of victims, pillagers engagers
Trained k**ers is paid by the weight of the blood on their blade
I got pages of weapon-grade verses
Im Vincent Van Gogh dash Rambo with desert ammo
With a band so Sid Vicious
Were suspicious of laugh-track Vince Vaughan rap act cash rats
Ill backtrack victory lap-style and blast that
Till you been gone and wipe the piece till the prints gone
Victor Vaughn you, if Im picking on you guaranteed [?] just sitting on you
[?] upon your racks as Im ripping all new tracks
Yall rejoice cause my lines in rhymes will hit like Vaders voice
Youre more James Earl Jones, Im more James Joyce

[Verse 4: Apathy]
Yall can probably make the cover of the Village Voice
Little vegan with Vans on, the Volcom boys
Barely born in โ€˜88, the whole style is very fake
But you swear youre straight cause you want some Voltron toys
Your hoodies are very vibrant, front like you kind of violent
Cultural vulture, Colt .45s convulse your vital organs and vibrate
Like an old pager
I remember vividly buying a tape of the Vapors
Im vicious as Decepts, burying you six feet
Make you dance like Vance White to Slick Rick beats
Verbally Kurt Vonnegut, the verses I vomit are genius
Im out of this world, a vocalist standing on Venus
Vs for Vendetta, yall are vaginal
As men who drive Volkswagen Jettas
So while youre lunching on your lavish vacation
We attacking where you staying in a V formation


Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 14:32