Bolshoi - TV Man

Song Rating: 8.45/10

Song lyrics:

Wake up, switch on
I eat my breakfast and the picture goes wrong give it a slap,
give it a jog
I better hurry or
Ill miss the epilogue
ride high without a saddle
down the rapids on a boat without a paddle I am the scourge of the
high seas
just you watchem running when
they hear about me chorus:
one two three...
hail t.v.

watching dirty harry
made a man of me
here I stand, t.v. man
Ive got all the angels eating out of my hand...
I got the good,
bad and ugly traits
but even dirty harry was allowed to make mistakes... knock, knock, theres someone at the door
I cant imagine, I cant imagine
I cant imagine
what they come around here for...
could be the rent...
or h.p. whatever it is they gonna bleed me
Ive got no money...

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 23:10