Braille - Redeem

Song Rating: 9.58/10

Song lyrics:

So what they gon say about us, huh?
Early 21st century, humanity, when history tells the truth
America on the brink of war, with three countries consecutively
And the church?
Well, one part was making reality shows about decadence
And the other?
Man, they wrote blogs about how the first part was wrong
And the rest?
Well, they aint have running water
Or the governmental right to practice their faith
So they just died off
They say our nation is on its way to hell
As if its ever been in Heaven In the first place
Its time to REDEEM time

[Verse 1]
He be morphin the pimp, hustler, and rapist to co-laborers
And them muy mal female canines, come see the change in ‘em
It relates to the laymen, our mistakes aint go to waste, boy
The Redeemer did just that then sent us right back to ya
Huh, Wake up, come join the winning circle and come hang wit us
Swoop through, we stroll as royalty in full regalia
And dont love the old us thats pitiful necrophilia
The nasty made clean, theres no rewind just redeem

Its such a fortunate failure
And tossed into that sea of forgetfulness
Redeem, redeem
Helpless to change our past
But great was Elohim to redeem, redeem
Theres no rewind
Just redeem, redeem

[Verse 2]
Its pieces of perfect symphony
A Mozart of irony
The Vincent Van Gogh that only paints with serendipity

He be dippin His brushes into messy blotches of coincidences
And attackin that canvas like every splatter had a destiny
Broaden yalls lenses a little wider youd see that perfect symmetry
Boy, its all on purpose
Im still off on purpose
My Papi takes the worthless
And brandishes a stamp of one-of-a-kind and priceless
A cosmic thrift shopper, Macklemore could only imagine
Buyin stuff He made Himself from dust and words
In other words: us
And this is all my confidence for the 626 and the Exodus
If you certain you was blood purchased
Please come stand wit us


[Verse 3: Lee Green]
My dad was a preacher and a doctor
But with me he didnt bother
Section 8 was mommas wisdom
How wed sleep but it was warmer
I would grieve, I would dishonor
I would speak but it was drama
Sleep while she was workin harder
So that we could make it further
Failed school or smoke the money, guilt Im sweeping on my father
As if his absence was reason for making my momma a weeping martyr
My efforts sandcastles that just wait for beaching waters
Until I heard who wrote my life, and saw that Jesus was the author
See, a bastard is robed in curses, what man has disposed as worthless
God chose to bestow a purpose, His shows when they close the curtains
He blows on His coals of words, in our bellies they glow a furnace
The soul of a person that knows that hes purchased will explode in worship
I hear stories that have pa**ed, His invitations, trash the antiques, past parade a pageant of his graces
Epistles of bone believe his blood is active validation
Weigh your faults against the cross and see who has enough to pay them


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 07:48