Chamillionaire - Answer Machine 3

Song Rating: 9.25/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro - Chamillionaire]
You just reached the answer machine
When you call me, Im never answerin
Umm, I be always hustlin, so thats the reason that Im gone
So maybe you will understand, why I cant pick up the phone
(Leave a message)

[Verse 1 - Chamillionaire]
Yes shes a pro (pro), s** and a slow (slow)
American Idol, a professional show (woo)
Givin you a vote and its impressive to know
When she open her mouth that she was destined to blow (whoa)
How you tell me you aint impressed with my dough?
This aint the type of money you done messed with before
Stretchin the dough (dough), best with the flow (flow)
Sick the way I spit, they say Im blessed with a cold
Touchin your body, leave your flesh with a glow
Chasin the p**ycat and tryin to get with Nicole
Really thats a myth, my confession is no (no)
Really Im on the grind and tryin to get with the dough (dough)
Games to be sold, can you dig what Im sellin?
If its a crime, they gon say that Im felon
Sexual eruption, you eruptin like seven
While Im singin out, I just want to +F You+ like Devin
Lights, cameras, action, I hope youre not Ellen
Talk show, is exactly what youre not gettin
Moneys my cologne and the scent that Im smellin
So gold diggin women say my scent is like heaven, heaven, heaven
Shocked when I knocked her
Love my company, but thats a Gamble like Proctor
Before your boyfriend sneak up on you like got ya! (got ya)
Better straighten up like posture

[Chorus - Chamillionaire]
Im not your - baby
Your baby, your baby, your baby
Im not your - baby
Your baby, your baby, your baby
And you so - crazy
So crazy, so crazy, so crazy
And you so - crazy
So crazyyyyy
You really need to stop callin my phone

[Break - Woman - talking]
So why are you not answerin the phone
You said you were going to call me right back
And its been like a minute and a half
And I dont know why you would say you would call me right back
If right back, isnt right back
I mean when I say Im going to call you right back

I call you right, back
And I mean I just dont understand why your not answering the phone
If you dont want to talk to me
Its like why ...

[Verse 2 - Chamillionaire]
Errr, message erased, got to get to the cake
You actin like a billion is easy to make
Other rappers out there tryin to get an estate
Thats a house, while Im out tryin to get me a state
Uh, so now you tryin to get all of my case
And I just met you last week, you should try brakes
Slow yourself down, now Im ready to migrate
Should have never hit you back on myspace
(Im not your baby)

[Break - Woman - talking]
So Im, Im still waitin for you to call me back
I dont know what youre doing
What youre not doing, who youre with
Like, you need to talk to me, okay?
We need some, we have to talk about some things
I miss you, I havent seen you
Its been like, three days
And I just want to know where you are
I just want to hear your voice
You know like, you have no idea how it makes me feel
Knowing that your doing, whatever your doing
You know, and, and your not checking on me
And Im checking on you
I want somebody to call me
The way I call you, I mean I can ...

[Verse 3 - Chamillionaire]
Errr, message erased, you aint even my chick (chick)
And three days ago, you saw the profile pic (pic)
On the internet, talkin like you legit
And a Stan is a man, but you must be a Sis
Better bother Rapper Rick, or go call K.J.
Better call Masa or pick up May Bay
Go and call Tyson or go call Ray J
Call Hurricane and he might say (A Bay Bay)

[Outro - Operator Recording]
The number you have reached is not in service at this time
And there is no new number
Please be sure you have checked the telephone directory for the right number
And you are dialing correctly
This is a recording
If you need help, you need help, hang up, hang up
And then di, and then di, and then di [echo]

[Female voice:] Chamillitary mayne

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