Chief Keef - Maybach

Song Rating: 7.62/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook: Andy Milonakis] (x4)
Young Sachi
Colder than a Maybach
Colder than a Maybach
(Colder than a...) [x2]

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Look up out my window
I see a pretender
He is a beginner
He shiver when its winter
I just burned my fender
Gucci on my slippers
Raised down the window
n***a, why you slipping?
Choppa have you flipping
Then you know Im dipping
Too much money with me
All my verses is [?]
[?] slow me up
I got nerve, Im sipping
[?] charges, so i got my la clippers

Doing 110 in a 55, got the cop behind me they slipping
[Hook x4]

[Verse 2: Fredo Santana]
Hundred bands in my shoe box
Imma young trapper
Come to Front Street if you want to see my trap spot
I remember when I was just a f**ing happener
Now I got a fat knot
Now Im shooting it at you
Flexing like Im king
b**hes on my damn [?]
Shes sipping ciroc while Im pouring sizzurp
See this rolly on my wrist
It dont do no tick-tock
Twist is how I been when I pull up
Got this nine on my waist
Its gon push you back
When I pull it out
I dont do a push up or a pull up

[Hook x4]

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