Chino Xl - Grind Mode Cypher pt. 2

Song Rating: 9.38/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Kid Karma]
I twist words in the shape of a DNA strain
Inject it in the mainframe, rappers spiting the same thing
Learn to master the craft and make it a masterpiece with broad strokes
I dissect syllables til the canvas bleeds
Call the campus police when the bandits from each land
Stand hand in hand and the planets at peace
Pope Francis, they gon dance in the streets
When I stand and I speak
Ima be the man that they demanding of me
Now theyre salty as the sand in the sea when I hand em defeat
Doctor Octagon the way I damage a beat
Like Kool Keith
Tell me Im ahead of my time
But the clock stopped ticking, the plot got thickened the second I rhymed
Was born with a tongue so slick I spit and slip in it like black ice round the corner
Flip it into a ditch with it
Work vigorous will have these cats illiterate
Spitting that gibberish
Convinced theyre sick with it, theyre straight trash

[Verse 2: J.A.I. Pera]
Justice and intelligence, competitions irrelevant
Rapping like a nomad, Im spitting out of my element
Ima knock out your teeth and take em home to remember it
Gentlemen everything I spit is raw ??
All that false invested in this embezzlement
This sh** is depressing look at the clothes that they dressing in
Black is in my blood, ?? Im lacking melanin
Father is Caribbean, my mother is South American
f** Trump and Hillary, now its Pera for President
Change the world like Harry Truman when he dropped atomic bombs
Here to eat - everybodys food, this aint no Ramadan
Any time Peras on the scene another rhymers gone
All you rappers dressing up this aint no Comic Con
Chucking deuces, f** peace I bring the drama on
So pour ??
When I spit, hand em the spliff
?? Like atoms, I am the f**ing bomb

[Verse 3: Ma**aka]
Im here to save you all you can ask big Chi
Itll take more than a Poison Pen to get rid of me
I told you so and you think Im bluffing
When its demo in the building its Ricanstruction
Repercussions when youre crossing this rapper
Impacted of a car crash and youre strapped to a bomb blasting ya
Barbwire slapping ya, chainsaw ma**acre
Carca** wrapping ya, pushing a shark tank and laughing
I aint done, you know Im cracking ya
Then rip your legs
Next time used as a spatula to flip my eggs
Im the sh**, dont bother to smell me
Even if Im off beat your hearts in your belly
Dont say it if you dont mean it my father would tell me
In that case youre PeeWee Herman, youre Martin Sherelly
Im noxious, like homophobes bashing gay people
Eazy E treatment Im gonna stab you with an AIDS needle

[Verse 4: Ill]
If you want me to shut the f** up, make me
All rappers hate me

Ill smack em back to the 80s

Emerging silver

Giving stitches to grates

f** religion and race just s** my dick til it aches

[Verse 5: Bliz]
They send me the track and told me to k** it with Chino
Thats cool, Ive been bumping him since Here to Save You All
Im sick penning yes while crushing a babys skull
Im playing yall Im mean and what I mean though
I mean any line you drop Ill one-up ya
Im dangerous, slapping a bear cub in front of its mother
As dangerous as having a grenade thrown at my feet
And not running for cover
As dangerous as cancer is when it aint discovered til stage 4
I wage war
While you stuck s**ing your thumb under the covers
Go find you a thunder buddy, couldnt be my understudy
My left hand clean as a whistle, right one is bloody
From gripping this pen, leaking my life in the lines
Damn right Im peaking, I mean Im right in my prime
What I write is so insightful it gives sight to the blind
Left brained, how the f** could I be in my right mind

[Verse 6: Easty]
You wont forget my name, even with Alzheimers
Yo its Easty in this b**h I write with barbed wire
Fire off like ?? and roll like car tires
Or roll like triple stacks you dont flow and spitting raps
Find the culture get it back once this chip is in my back
Better run fool
Learn the Art of War from Sun Tszu
I break your neck two ways, its easier to cut through
The Don ??
Aged like fine wine, strike like Kobe in his last game
Rhymes raw crack, you can recheck the soda
Master Macedonia

He snaps, its over Im a monster in the making
Catch Karma at the Day Inn, Im Conner in the weigh in
See what D has, no chance for rematch
Sniff Grind Mode lines, find yourself in rehab motherf**er

[Verse 7: Chino XL]
Fallen angel, lyrical Jesus
Chino bless you like what they say to God when he sneezes
Non-believers I send em the life sequel
And Im that bad thing that happens to good people
Im evil but Im like God in the flesh
Everywhere I go I draw stares like architects
Have you forgotten that my wisdom was written with ink on the spear that they stabbed Christ with in the side...?
My spittings embedded in ?? religious mythology
You aint got no hard feelings like a half-hearted apology
My physical craft of rhyming is pa**ion designing

I laugh as a helicopter pa**enger crash

f** am I rude cause I dont wanna hear your copied rhymes
From someone I influenced now they influenced you

Im mortally wounded, theres more to me Im only partially human

Slice off your right ear

You dont wanna spar with Spartacus

Somebody call Dana White

BLessed is the word ghetto gods

I was that wild Puetro Rican child

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 17:22