CMT - 211

Song Rating: 8.19/10

Song lyrics:

Hey P man
Remember that sh** last year you was talking bout that
Bloody murder sh**
Wont you kick some more of that sh**

Verse 1

Jumped out the Chev mean mugged at some s**er punks
King flashed the gauge, them hoes didnt want no funk
So they smashed off hella quick
Why them hoes was leaving me and Sonja C was plotting some gangster sh**
So put this nine up in your bra strap
And when we get inside this liquor store keep your eyes up on them Japs

Sonya C:
So get your hands up in the air trick
And break me off some cash cause Sonya Cs a trigger happy b**h
So dont be talking that f**ing Japanese
Understand its a jack give up the cash or youll be swiss cheese

Master P:
Touch the button and Ima hurt you b**h
Why you had to and make P get his hands dirty trick
And thatll be some f**ing more sh**
Sonya C grab the tape cause we aint leaving no f**ing evidence
The next day the paper reads no leads

Sonya C:
Just a bunch of dead motherf**ing Japanese

Master P:
Jumped in the car and back to the Rich
Bonnie and Clyde or should I say gangsta sh**

A motherf**ing 211
We needed cash we robbed the liquor store

Verse 2

Im getting chronic-eyed or should I say f**ed up
Count my cash its one G and its three of us

I seen my face on the news and its time to chill
But I cant cause I got too many f**ing bills
Grabbed my Glock it only had three bullets trick
But if I run out I aint tripping Ill choke a b**h
Walked in the corner liquor store with my .44
Played it cool bought a Snapple man f** them hoes
He opened the register I tried to do his a**
I aint tripping cause the P wasnt wearing a mask
Blew out some chronic, showed no remorse
Told them hoes get they a** on the figgety floor
Snatched the cash and my pistol still smoking
Left them hoes like the Raiders left Oakland


Verse 3

Cali G had the chronic without no zig zags
Hold on partner Ima go get some f**ing zags
Now Im off to the liquor store
And just in case it be some funk, Im gone bring my .44
Now you know the P dont take no sh**
But this A-rab started following me
Like I was gone steal some sh**
He was strapped so I had to think quick
Put my .44 to the head of this b**h
Drop your pistol or shes dead man
Slowly put your hands up in the air
Lets play a little f**ing game
Simon say open the register ho
His b**h lookin good so I told her to s** my .44
He got jealous tried to jump I hit him with the pump
Put more cash in my pockets than Donald Trump
And Im off to the freeway real fast
Got damn, forgot Calis zig zags


-Alright you inmate double o 652
Get your a** back in that cell boy
-damn, now yall know crime do pay
But you dont always get away

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