Cold 187um - Body Snatcherz

Song Rating: 9.43/10

Song lyrics:

The Korean cat chow chow is now open for suggestions
And hoes, whats the flavor of the month
Now what you gonna do?
You little dick trick
But for now, go G
The floor is yours
Take it

[Verse 1]
Im teaching you old dog how to turn new tricks
And all of my lessons got you begging for the dicks
Stupid b**h
Day after day, your n***as causing me
Say your knees baller, and he wants to be balling me
You see, I dont think so, no not this ho
Not getting p**y, but Im getting all this dough
And though you got a strong arm, the game that Im running on
Im getting paid, and youre the one thats coming on, b**h!
Im just a body snatcher, and IIm snatching all his money
Getting hungry?
Come take a taste of my honey
An attitudedy ho is what I am, motherf**er
Ill give you lollipop so you can lick me like a s**er
Step the wrong way, yo, I dont play
So I just pull out my nine, or I just blast with my AK
So with your man throwing clay, Im a catcher
Sign your G O D I, the Body Snatcher

You can be the b**h, but Ill be the ho
Yeah, a better motherf**ing ho!

[Verse 2]
Ill take your man with all 36-23-39 of me
You cant stop me, punk b**h, cant mock me
If you were settling your business, taking care of your dick
You wouldnt have fiend him, my p**y wouldnt have got licked
While you was at home cussing and having a fit
I met your n***a still sporting all his new sh**
So think twice before you call me a b**h
In fact, call me a ho with an attitude, you know
You started sweating me, check your n***a
Cause Babygirl is the worst kind of gold digger
Hes treating me like his main freak
You wonder where his paycheck go every damn week
Oh yeah, keep thinking that your n***as at work
Its an off day, and hes f**ing to get under my skirt
So if youre tripping and he wont get cock chop
Hes f**ing Babygirl, the Body Snatcher

[Verse 3]
Punk motherf**ers on my strap, but dont sweat it
Turned out to get me sprung, but I like the way he wet it
Nice firm a** with a pretty brown dick
I like the way he work it, but he nut too quick
Grabbing on his sh** baby still he got a grip
Coming down my thighs, while he spread between the hips
The talking was good, but I dont mean to be rude
But your n***a is sprung on a ho with an attitude
24/7 got a n***a in check
And when he get done, cum is dripping down his neck
You uptight b**hing but I would thought you knew
Hes chasing up under my cat like a dog does, too
Hes not the one to blame, its a motherf**ing shame
Im running much game, now your dogs been trained
Dont talk sh** if your mans been captured
But thats how it is when a hos a Body Snatcher


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 14:29