Conejo - Back To Robbing

Song Rating: 7.27/10

Song lyrics:

Im one half, of the Kings of Terror
Homie C Rock ah beast de cualquiera manera
You hear the screams, coming out the crack house
Feeding all the feins let me get the strap out
I smack em, with the back of ah pistol
He wouldnt sit up, is what you get for ah nickle
Im official, and about the answer
Do my dirt in your block then get back to the metro
You get de-facials, its the typical criminal
Ese black Stacy Adams thee original mythical
That invincible sh**, Im speaking the truth
Gold ceiling full of banks like division are true
I pop off, every chance I get
Flood the block then send him back to the pen
You get hit with the spit coming from the chopper
Well be hidden from the top to guaranteed Ill stop you

Paint ah image, so vivid I give it
To the rhythm I compose if I could laugh then Im living
Your boy driven, to f**ing prosper
Ese even if it mean I gots to k** an impostor
Been ah goon, homie the semi sparker
No pretender but his stilos darker
Presidentarie, homeboy I got the credentials
And Bootleg One, is something essential
Pick em off, with the sniper rifle
Ese you could do the same, the chemical psycho
I squeeze for the cheddar for the cheddar I squeeze
I see his a** dropping right down to his knees
I roll the premise, West Adams chemist
Muthuf**a need ah bullet foo we bound to perish
My game hellas, albums keep on dropping
And when sh** go bad I go back to robbing

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 20:10