Corey Smith - Let Me Love You on a Backroad (The Roadhead Song)

Song Rating: 9.88/10

Song lyrics:

[verse 1]
Ive been down this road before its like the backside of my hand
There aint nothing up ahead acount past here and timberland
Dont you wery baby im gonna take it nice and slow
Keep a tight grip on the stiring while and my eyes on the road
Just this one time i promise i want ask again
It will be our little secret honey i want tell a soul
But if i see somebody coming ill be shure to let you know
Everybody does it dont you be ashamed
Well still make the movie well just be a little late

Let me love you on a back road

Lets make a reckless momory
Ther aint no house with in ten miles here i know
So nobodys gonna see
Take ye seatbelt off climb on over here girl leave the driving up to me

[verse 2]
If we get to hot and heavy theres a place were we can go
Down this worn out hunting trail a half mile off the road
And we might not make it back there in this little two wheel drive
But judging by the way your kissing me its atleast worth a try
Ill turn this mustang into a f 250 4x4
If they catch us back ther well probley go to jail
But ill clear out my bank account and gladley pay the bail
And i promise ill still love you maybe even more

Date of text publication: 19.01.2021 at 17:59