Daniel Blume - Sword Of Justice

Song Rating: 7.59/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah, Concrete Cee
Got a couple things to say about you-know-who

[Verse 1]
There was a man in his deep blues, tryin to recoup
Money by sellin off beats to our new foes
Scared of a deep-rooted street feud, theyll meet
Defeat soon as I shoot three bullets at each

Bully that seeks to destroy our community
Foreseeing this Greeks departure was harder
Than runes to read, but I built this Trojan Horse
What goes around, comes around, Full Circle dawg

Mustve hurt you pah, walkin into the store
Had a glance of a cover, checked the person thats on it, Con
Shocked and ran, half-past-65
Straight into the 51, felt knives in his lungs

This the revenge, I supply what you want
Peace for your soul, as I pierce thru you holes
You ran into a dead-end alley, with no return
The Iron Fist wont allow this court to be adjourned

[Hook 2x]
My nose twitch, there are frauds amongst us
Ill let them all feel the sword of justice
Hate is a force only love can conquer
So I stick to my clan, go to war with you busters

[Verse 2]
Yo, this offended me, how some pretend to be
Your brother, get a bug in they ear and then intend to leave
If you just came to speak, when tryna take my beats
You was sick and needed money for a remedy

What kind of friends are we? The best you ever had
The ones that f**ed our clip up, I heard you hang with these
f** they jealousy, these people now our enemies
I putem to the sword of justice, when Im rappin these

Parts that sprang from thought, you all envy me
Cause I focus on monetary longevity

Con is like gravity that rapidly attaches itself
To any contender thinkin that he is ahead of me

Ready I was always, woke up in the morning
Just visualizing my d**h, a son as the reincarnate
Deceased and dormant, ascend to another being
And haunt the world as the wish of being s**er-free

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3]
Im feeling people whose resilience is equal to mine
Get hit, then bounce back on they grind
We hold court in the street to bring a traitor to justice
Hitem with the book of codes he tried to f** with

We are a family and if we let a member leave
Better hes not showin hostile tendencies
These are the principles, your acts werent identical
Was it a serpent that we offered our friendship to?

Sorry, words just pitiful, remember who
Invented you, implemented all they spirit up into you?
It was us, traitor - now for what hater you traded
Sides and names, just to supply paper?

I want your a** to cry in sorrow, you can die later
The mottos K-Mova, guess you can resign, player
I want your a** to cry in sorrow, you can die later
The mottos K-Mova, guess you can resign, player

Motherf**er, I mean thanks, thanks though, man
Thanks for the beats on, you know, Full Circle and sh**
I just wanted to say that it is a dumb decision
Its just a dumb decision, to f** with
f** with the enemies right now
Cause, you know, aint no coming back
Aint no regretting, aint no half-stepping, motherf**er
Conca is here, Styleworxxx is here, 651 is here
Everybody, strap up, going to war
Going to war with you, puss-a** motherf**ers, yall snitch-a**
f** yall, I aint gon talk no more
Real n***as dont speak, real n***as dont speak...

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 00:57