Del The Funky Homosapien - Boogieman

Song Rating: 7.13/10

Song lyrics:

The Boogieman, fool, you aint ever heard of the Boogieman? Look under your bed, fool, he might be under there, man

Maybe or maybe not
What the Boogieman got in store, who knows?
I know, wouldnt you like to know?
Stick around, you might learn something inside the show

[Verse 1]
Dz, bet you when I strike King Kong bleed
Cut the sway and wear my heart on each sleeve
Evacuating move with swift sleepness
While these other bozos hit you with the cheapest
Im nothing similar, of course yall know that
So charge from the styles, your earthquakes be my throwbacks
Mercy, boy, dont cross me
Im here to make you boogie on down, stop being bossy
But you get accosted, tossed up like a hoe
You flossing with your whole paycheck like a doe doe
Understand the fade, you could tweet those
Process burn, you learn as the beat goes
I throw a flash tank, gas it with no shame
Your whole brain took over with gold game

Its the Boogieman, peep all the goodies I have

Its the Boogieman, fools wanna boogie, go [?]
Maybe or maybe not
What the Boogieman got in store, who knows?

Wouldnt you like to know, huh? You big mouth b**hes out here, you think you dont fear nothing. Come on, man, be real. Boogiemanll get your a** especially. You stupid a** b**hes

[Verse 2]
Form your investigation under your bed
Behind the covers youll open up the covers
Daytime comes, its time to boat
Cant let you nosy fools find me, time to go
The Boogieman been misinterpreted for centuries
Talk about me like a dog with a fictional speech
Im something which you will need to put the blame on, hang on
Im not finished, I say shame on fools who wanna make up fictitious characters
To make their children go to bed, its so hilarious
Somewhere between the Candy Man and Freddy Kruger
But the Boogieman is the OG, you always use him
On a 5 year old, wont mind, he do what he told
So they peep game and watch you go on keep playing
I think Im finna stay a while, I kinda like it here
Cause the Boogieman is real, s**er, Im your fear


Okay, and I send this one straight to this big, old, hefty bag b**h still dont think I peep game and dont believe it. Thats cause she be talking about she dont fear nothing. Damn lie, you know you a liar. Nothing? Keep it 100, fatso. But swear f**ing FBI be tailing her on Facebook. You f**ing slap away yourself please, you dumb a**, diamond headed moron. Nobody thinking about you, you aint important. I know you would like to imagine yourself some [?] or whatever, but you aint sh**, stop playing. Im out s**er. Peace. Boogieman your fear. Boogieman your fear

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 04:24