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Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: LOFTY 305]
This that Zu sh**
Soowoo maroon sh**
n***as talkin all that sh** but they aint really doin it
n***as say that he a goon
He aint tryna prove it
CSPG be the movement, free Ruben

[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]
This that mothaf**in Zu sh**
But this that new sh**
I never gave a f** like Im a prude b**h,
Just know I dos this
Dont feel drier than a broom
b**h end up with a pool stick
My bullets they un-acoustic
Free Nell and free Slikk

[Verse 3: LOFTY 305]
Get smoked, put that on my broom stick
Cultivating all the racks off these f**in shrooms, b**h
Metro Zu we go to ATL
You know we boomin
Put yo b**h right on a track
Ronny J produced it

[Verse 4: Denzel Curry]
Cause b**h
Im a Raider Klan k**a
ULT n***a
Smoke on the purp
Extort the dealer

[Verse 5: Xxxtentacion]
You a f** n***a
I cant f** witcha
Wig split, peel em

p**y n***a k**a
Face, Ima stomp body dumped
In my trunk, b**h
Glock by my dick
If you tweak, Ima stick—aye
f** do you mean
Aim that beam at yo spleen
If you Purrp, Ill put your face in the dirt
Like p**y, you get creamed

Princess Peach j**elryed my b**h
Red, white, black Pokéball might beep
Beep boop beep
Go gadget my wrist
Bling bling blow Johnny Dang my fist
Wet that p**y out just like I drop and then I dick
I done beat that p**y to the blue, she not a crip
Diamonds on me red and they white, no zit
Master Roshi wit it, I done pull up with a stick
Chopper pull rounds and Im cheesin
Blood on the leaves like Im Yeezus
I eat your soul for no reason
The way that she s** me is treason
Cook, cook, cook
Your grandma wanna poke me on Facebook
I want that booty, no Captain Hook
Replay it(x2)
Let me hear it(x2)

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