D.O. Cannons - Happy (Remix)

Song Rating: 8.82/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah, heh-heh
Not these n***as again
Its the world most talented record label
Murder INC

[Charli Baltimore]
Man you heard of us, murderous mamis
Cats observin us, SL 430 Convertibles
Find me throwin the Ms at my mens
In timbs, mention $s
Its hard to impress this
My boys rock Ts over them vests
Thuggin when he mash the ghetto princess
And no question, bag me baby daddy
Future will put you, main b**h will suit you

I found something that could bring me joy
And I keep him right here next to me
My heart finally got a chance to see
How good loving came and set me free

1 - All my life
Ive been searching for you
So glad that I found you
All my life
Ive been feeling for you
Im so happy baby

Boy you know just how to make me smile
Theres no other place Id rather be
Im so glad that you came around
And I know you know you knock me out

You blow my mind baby

Im so alive with you babe
You blow my mind baby
I feel alive with you babe

Repeat 1

[Merc & D.O.]
Ashanti, yeah
How you ride man?
I ride out on daytons and dubs
What the deal cause these broads got me feelin the bug
And you know when Im up in the club Im poppin the bub
Aint no stuntin - frontin for nothin
We gettin it up!
And its all love for n***as that got love for I-N-C
Flossed up in the club, playa your eyez on me
Ill be in the drop top down
Something to see, hollerin like shorty
We holler like whodi
It aint nothing but a g thing, thats whats up
We gettin it crunk and the bar is on us
I got like twelve bottles, I swiped the Visa, what
And yet you cant stand it, Chuck the red bandit
Chuck, Merc and D.O
You know its murda for sure, yeaaaaah
We throw a party tonight
Make sure the boss there, we feelin happy tonight
You know!

Repeat 1

Boy you know, you know, you know you knock me out
So outstanding baby
Boy you knock me out

Ashanti, heh
Murder INC, the princess
Heh-heh-heh motherf**ers

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