Dru Ha - Slo Mo

Song Rating: 8.31/10

Song lyrics:

[Louieville Sluggah]
God damn, look at missy missy
She actin hot and sigie, Im gonna catch them titties
Oh come kitty kitty, Im in the store with Bell
I asked her if she miss me
I need change quickly, Papi can you split this fifty
She started small talk, like Where you been
I cut her short, its where Ill be with you and your friends
You see girl, I aint you average man, runnin a million
On an island, puffin spliffs with Gilligan
Set on the hot rocks, sendin my tube socks
Im wonderin, is this what its like, if the clock stop
And at a slow speed, cool breeze, blue trees
Higher counts we had, BBQ on nude beach
Your word becomes a V, you crack a smile now
Then find out later, b**h, it aint sh** funny
Me all about me sunny, money and keep it cunnin
Movin wit my n***as and best to Playboy bunnies

[Starang Wondah]
Aiyo, ya see me the bed, countin ends
Yo, I know you have a man, cant you have friends
Wanna look me up and down, sayin It depends
Aiyo, I treat you like a queen, til I hit the skins
Cuz I look good, like your man wish he could
Push a phat ride, parkin right in front of the hood

Big muthaf**in Will, from the M.F.C
I roll a Bob Marley up, and pa** the hennecy
n***a cough, never smoked before, yo weed it up
Got chills goin down ya spine, I heat it up
Gotta get where Im goin, and fast
Speed it up, I feel a hotel elevator beam me up
I take you home, lie you down, so you can dream me up
Get your all your friends through and double team me up
I cant call it, smoker, never alcoholic
Hittin it doggystyle, while you leanin on the toilet
O.G.C. put it down like this
From the foot to the gas while the spark burn up

[Louieville Sluggah]
n***as be charged, spit like cards, its just too easy
Bouncin where you hearin my sh**, n***as you feel me
All up on your TV, blastin in your CD
Hits like damn, the world love them n***as G.C
Lets get together, if Da Storm, change the weather
Dont wanna make it hot, you can send me 4 page letters
I wont tell a soul, stay strapped like Velcro
Ya nana yellin, thats one hell of a fellow
Pumpin ya driveway, playin somethin mellow
Your pops hear me, call and say, girl hell no
See I can understand, thats what the average do
So later on, out the window to the Avenue

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