Emily Dickinson - 204 (2 March 1859) Mrs. J. G. Holland

Song Rating: 7.64/10

Song lyrics:



You did my will. I thank you for it. Let me work for you! What prettier negotiation than of friend for friend? I did not suspect complacency in Mr Brown of Sheffield! It is plain that Vinnie is gone - she a**ays them for me.

Complacency! My Father! in such a world as this, when we must all stand barefoot before thy jasper doors!

Thank you for putting me on trail. I will make quite a fox, in time, unless I die early.

I gather from Republican that you are about to doff your weeds for a Brides Attire. Vive le fireside! Am told that fasting gives to food marvellous Aroma, but by birth a Bachelor, disavow Cuisine.

Meeting is well worth parting. How kind in some to die, adding impatience to the rapture of our thought of Heaven!

As by the dead we love to sit -
Become so wondrous dear -
As for the lost we grapple
Though all the rest are here -
In broken Mathematics
We estimate our prize
Vast, in its fading ratio
To our penurious eyes.

I had rather you lived nearer - I would like to touch you. Pointed attentions from the Angels, to two or three I love, make me sadly jealous.

People with Wings at option, look loftily at hands and feet, which induces watchfulness! How gay to love ones friend! How pa**ing gay to fancy that they reciprocate the whim, tho by the Seas divided, tho by a single Daisy hidden from our eyes! I would not exchange it for all the funds of the Father. Vinnie is yet in Boston. Thank you for recollecting. I am somewhat afraid at night, but the Ghosts have been very attentive, and I have no cause to complain. Of course one cant expect ones furniture to sit still all night, and if the Chairs do prance - and the Lounge polka a little, and the shovel give its arm to the tongs, one dont mind such things! From fearing them at first, Ive grown to quite admire them, and now we understand each other, it is most enlivening! How near, and yet how far we are! The new March winds could bring me, and yet whole legions of Angels may lie between our lips!


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