Entombed A.d. - Midas In Reverse

Song Rating: 8.17/10

Song lyrics:

The open road
Spoils there for the taking
Lose all dead load
Leave your abode
Grade up in the making
This youve been told
As much as one
Can find feed relentless greed
No bother disregard
Just get more than you need

Next thing you know
Youre riding in a hearse
Those struggles
Turned to shit
All of a sudden youre
King Midas in reverse

Shadow howlin
One last time
Reaper scowling
Devoured lost in time
Dead age Dawning
Lay to waste
Down youre falling
Hellfire embraced

The road is closed
No pass no way back there
Path undisclosed

What you dont know
Betrayal this you will bear
Eternal ghost
Now that youre left behind lost all you hold dear
Redemption sacrifice worth none youre stuck right here

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 03:58