Femi Ojetunde - Introducing

Song Rating: 8.10/10

Song lyrics:

[Teacher (Disjointed)]
Ok cla** we have a new student today. Would you like to introduce yourself?
Uhh... eh sure, whatever
f** everybody who eats liquorice
f** all the students thinking their parents give a sh**
Im so sick of this, you get the gist of it
I want to pistol whip you motherf**ers til youre blisterin
The names Disjointed,usually depressed and make other feel poisoned
I mean poignant (Uh what did I say... uhh I keep forgetting things.... f**!)
Ill keep it going then
Always on peoples lawns but Im never mowing them
Gotta practice my d**h stare, so when I want you to leave youll have fled scared
When, where, why, and how too, me in the library with a candlestick in a foul mood
Im a loud dude, speak to me if you wanna end up in the clouds soon
My personality....(s**s air between teeth) Uh.. a**hole pa** bowls like
Thanksgiving ca**eroles. If you wanna be my friend its the last call
Cause Ive been fillin up with villain chumps I scratched off
My d**h list. So stick em up
I go fisticuffs with you pricks at lunch
Bathe in Listerine so kiss the ring
Flayed my skin to see my visceral things
Not the kind of student youll ever know
Forever cold. Isnt life just stupid?

Im only kinda lucid half the time
And the other half is filled with the night is snoopin
And this guy, with the suit on, I bet you slept in it last night on your futon
Humbler than Edan getting his freak on with Rihanna letting him do what he wants
Oh, Im fluent in nine languages
I made them all up. Is that strange a bit?
Things that make me sick, like talking to people whilst I strangle them
Yes I know Im cra** but the way that I dress got so much cla**
I pop molly more than I pop collars
My goals are not falling and threatening top scholars
I dont need a career choice, plan on dying a horrible d**h by the end of the year. Oi!
Pay me no mind. Im brain-dead. I hate feds dont even think to phone 9-1-1
Stun gun to your lung. Um would care for a toast from my punch hun?
In conclusion, just stay away or else youll probably gonna have an angry day

Uh... right.... so um..... (clears throat) Y..uh.. Youll be seated next to Sin7ven over there
Yeah, so uh... tha..that..thats your desk. Um (clears throat). Ok on to the lesson for today
Open up your books to page 207

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 19:04