G Herbo - Back On Tour

Song Rating: 9.26/10

Song lyrics:

150 DreamTeam
Gang sh**

Big G Herbo, I must say I came a long way
Member posted on the 8 Block and that hallway
Hustlin we serving knicks might get six for the dub
Now I need 15 for a show plus my stick in the club
We hit your club 150 deep 150 guns
You know thats about 2000 shots Whips like they straight off the lot
We pull up 50 whips Forgiato rims my coupe got somethin soft on the top
We got your hoe in the pa**enger but Im not smashing her
She just know I want the top
Everywhere I go know I tote the Glock
Run up and Im blowing shots
My Rollie a plane and it costs me a block
No Bezel I say, hold the rocks
Remember nights I was restless posted on Ess**
Toting them jocks ducking shots
Never signed me deal I was out in the field
Over east looking for opps
And my homies aint never cashed out on a grill
But they had a mouth full of rocks
Me and Lil Bro was sixteen slidin off pills
No Limit dont know how to chill
n***as fighting that drama and aint take a deal
Free Crado, Free James and Free Gill
Gilly call all the time, know Im on the grind

He just wanna see me run up a mil
Ayee and Im right back at it f** how you feel
Smokin on dope by the pillows and ounces
That Posto sh** reek out the seal
When I get it my mood I feel like Deuce Bigalow
On a roll I gotta chill
Everywhere I go in your city foreign hoes wanna freak me like Im Seal
In Miami the white hoes gettin off c**aine
I pop me a perc you do yo thing
And the two seater c**aine
Swervin through both lanes
Hop out G Fazo no Balmain
Tell lil mama to chill I dont wanna know yo name
Just let me check out yo jaw game
Keep the magnum on me never going in raw
But I dont wanna f** If she ok
When I bust in your face, let Lil Bro slay
Since I cut out the lean its been Remy, Patron
Smokin on dope sippin Rozay
Rollin up back to back
Perkys and flats buying up Backwoods [?]
And Im still on the road doing shows to and fro studio
b**h an off day is no day
While you still tryna study a high pick-n-roll
b**h Im up late and Im making more plays
Ayee and these b**hes with me they go both ways
They digging each other and Dusse, Im getting drunk drinking Rozay
We do [?]
I ask what they wanna do they say We gon do what you say
And I met her at KOD [?] on Monday
Now thats going up on a Tuesday

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