G Herbo - Bi Polar

Song Rating: 8.66/10

Song lyrics:

Uh huh, yeah
G Herbo
Humble Beast, man
150 dream team, 150 Roc Block, b**h
79th, Ess**
n***as talking all this gangsta sh**
Its real gangsta sh** over there

[Verse 1]
When I was up on 78th, you was scared straight
Before Roc died, and Gilly caught that fair case
Remember Roc died, every morning shots fired
You was never in them trenches, p**y
You was dead weight
Never had to reminiscence and watch your homie hemorrhage
Even though you want to k** em, never play them b**hes
Always came up with the blueprint, never had to listen
I had a bunch of detentions, too many pink slips
Turned to suspensions
Now I just walked in the car lot holding my pink slips, rocking Givenchy
If I had my life on the line, Id take the shot but Im not a Nowitzski
Shot real hot like a shot of the whiskey, if Im not ducking, how could you miss me?
Glued to the blicky, keep my sh** with me
I get the back end, still I get back, in the back of the truck if the club try to frisk me
I get so high just like Im a hippy
Back in the 60s, percs got me trippy
I did two thirties, Im off a sixty
Im in a Range Rover Sport on the road
Tryna lose control, no Im not messy
Im quit the drank, and I do not miss it

Wont even pour it up when Im not busy
Im on a mission
Im always busy, counting up benjis
Tryin get some more some more bread
Look at my cars right now, I got for-show bread
Lil n***a, Lindsay, he got the low end
I put the work in like I got four hands
And I got love for a few, respect for a couple n***as
But aint no fear in my heart for no man
Keep my sword on me like Conan
Before the rap, I swear I was poor man
Now my cribs and sh** gotta door man
n***as stay hating like Herbo a ho man
How yo gon show man?
Whatchu gon blow, then?
I heard he toting his pipe everyday, and he shot some before
What, you knew him before then?
I heard he the realest, and he be with k**ers, they sound like gorillas, and ride 4 wheelers
They (?) the 30s together , no limit
If you aint with it, then b**h mind your business
Got bulletproof vests, just like Im a (?)
Im on the corner, with nothin but dealers
Clinching a .40 when Im on the block, water whippin my wrist when Im under the ceiling
Guess Im a hypocrite, fore I got shot we was sending em out, give a f** bout they feelings
And when I got shot, I was back on the block with my crutch and my Glock, give a f** bout the healing
From the start of the day to the finish we was drillin
Guess we was mentally illing
Couldnt even stop, we allergic to chillin
Had to wake up and think like a villain (han)
Now my whole thought process different, wake up and think by the million, sometimes I dont talk I just listen, cant never be nothin I aint missin, some sh** you just learn on your own, I told myself how to not go to prison
They want us to be all alone, they tryin divide us off in divisions, tryin divide us by our decisions, take advantage of kindness so thats why im vicious
I seen ballers rise and fall thats why Im ambitious, locked in shackles or they gone, most of all my n***as (pour out all my liquor)

Date of text publication: 19.01.2021 at 16:38