G-Sp0t - V1510N (Flaming Turd 3)

Song Rating: 8.69/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: G-Sp0t]
I put my dong in Dennys chick
Her a** is fatter than Shamu
Just shame that little b**h
Cause hes got a dick shorter than Cos hairdo
Busting caps up in this biznatch
I just came in your moms snatch
Cause when the door closes in life
Your mom opens so wide
Talking bout slinging hella dope
Doing lines in the form of slope
This verse is my gospel
Dont f** with me cause Im hostile
b**hes want my rod its squirting
But your p**y smell like
Get your fishy a** out my crib
Smoking crystal blue like a crip
Like a crip

Verse 2: G-Sp0t
Call G-Sp0t a caf-fiend
Cause your b**h the color of coffee
I dont touch your hoe. She a bulldog looking bimbo
Who grinding chrome for dough
Slinging by the corner store
She cant take no more of these nuts.That hoe
Im on the market like an ounce of coke
Im holding it down with a pleasurable choke
Cause Im the fire that your moms got to stoke
Ill go down under like a motherf**ing bloke
Cause Im the real deal. I aint no hoax

Hook: D0uble-D
On my mind like a vision
On my mind like a vision
On my mind like a vision

Verse 3: D0uble-D
Just another white kid from the 843, yall

Took a day off like Ferris
Throwing these stacks in Paris
Shes beating my meat on Meeting Street
Beating my wings like raven cleats
[Its the future I can see]
Blended perfect like chocolate milk
And her skin is softer than silk
Took a break from the pole
Like Stanley from Holes
Blasting this sh** like a motherf**ing alpine
Taking her out for a wine, dine, shes mine
Telling girls I got a nine, nah
Take three off the top
Call that sh** long division

Hook: D0uble-D

[Verse 4: DJ Salad]
I ate your moms dick
Thats right, cut it off, thing wasnt that thick
Light switch down
Beat is bumping
Throw a stack at this b**h that Im pumping
Like a mole digging through my stack of money
She do my p**n like a Playboy bunny
Driving down the street in my Lamborghini wheels
Bumping Flaming Turd 1 and 2
This is how it feels
Got a lot of money
Money on my mind
Throw it at my girls
These b**hes that I grind
Crazy how I come around
You drop to the ground
Yup, s** dick
You slurping like a hound

Hook: D0uble-D


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