Guerilla Black - Letter to B.I.G.

Song Rating: 7.50/10

Song lyrics:

[Rod Stewart:]
Loving you is wrong
I dont wanna be right
If being right means being without you
Id rather live a wrong doing life
Your mama and daddy say its a shame
Its a downright disgrace
But long as I got you by my side
I dont care what your people say....

[Verse 1: Guerilla Black]
Yo BIG...
Yo BIG you wanna know the truth?
Reach over, tap God on the shoulder, hell give you the scoop
I dont know where to start, I dont know where to end
So much sadness, gladness, and madness
I go to the radio they ask me all these questions
Yo Black how it feel to be compared to a legend?
And the critics, they so vindictive
They take your picture put it to my picture
What the f** is it?
Its hard for people seeing G.B. as G.B
Even your mom said you reincarnated in me
And your fans is my fans they run up with kin and hand and
Be like You look and sound so much like my man
I guess god do everything for a real reason
If not, Id be a target or your neighborhood weed man
And thats real as it gets

[Chorus: Guerilla Black]
Yo B.I.G
(Check it 1, 2, 1, 2)
Yo B.I.G
(Here we go)
Yo B.I.G
(Im up in here)
(Imma get em)
(Its real)

[Verse 2: Guerilla Black]
When you was Ready To Die
I was ready to die
Living in my homie garage selling crack, getting by
I swear to god I love my moms but my moms a f** up
Couldnt pay the rent,lights or gas
Yeah somebody got stuck up
Use to play your CD next to Scarface and Eazy-E
Never heard of Pac until All Eyez On Me
Despite east and the west
Never the less
Yo B.I.G. you see you got a lot of rotation
I hear n***as come with sizzle sh**

Its ridiculous
n***as say he sound like Mr. Coke whenever he spit
My brother and my man say I sound so much like you
n***as want like that cuz n***as want like you
So we put my vocals through some vocalizers
It was a joke, yo the sh**, yeah it really surprised us
I aint lying and I aint denying sh**
I was born alone and Imma die alone in this b**h

[Chorus: Guerilla Black]
Yo B.I.G
(Check it 1, 2, 1, 2)
Yo B.I.G
(Here we go)
Yo B.I.G
(Im up in here)
(Imma get em)
(Its real)

[Verse 3: Guerilla Black]
One day I ran into Un
The n***a was so stunned
He blazed up a new port
But I knew he was real son
You got a rough road to walk
Stay tough hold your court
When you bluff, blow em a puff
f** it, you know who you are
God bring people in your life
sh** comes so weird
Last year he hooked me up with this dude named Caeser
He knew Lil Cease, he had the number, I called him up
I was like Cease, what the deal?
He like dog, whats up?
n***as want me to go on record to sh** on you
But I dont know you like that, how Im I sh** on you?
Yo Black n***as is mad you found a way to get money
I was the closest to BIG, til the sh** got funny
A lot of n***as say the loved him
They really didnt love him
At the end Junior M.A.F.I.A. didnt get nothin
Yo B.I.G. I see the n***a Cease
Yo he real loyal
Thats the type of n***a that put a n***a in the soil for you

[Chorus: Guerilla Black]
Yo B.I.G
(Check it 1, 2, 1, 2)
Yo B.I.G
(Here we go)
Yo B.I.G
(Im up in here)
(Imma get em)
(Its real)

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