Hafiz - Ghazal 195, For the Love of God

Song Rating: 9.67/10

Song lyrics:

Do you hear the advice were getting
from harps and lutes tonight?
Theyre on an infidel-hunt. Dont drink
unless youre out of sight.
They say: dont speak or hear innuendo
about what lovers do.
Its a hard teaching, a harsh sentence
theyre giving me and you.
They smear the grace of lovers, strip
love of its dignity.
They scorn the old and tell the young
such things should never be.
Standing outside, I was beguiled
by a hundred wiles and tales.
I wish I knew just what goes on
behind closed doors and veils.
Theyre giving the old Magian priest
trouble again. Have you

Seen what these novice punks are willing
to put those old men through?
A single glance can buy a hundred
honors for ones appeal.
The fault lies with the fair who make us
take such an unfair deal.
Some strive and struggle to be joined
unto the Friend in love.
And others freely let Fate be
sent to them from above.
In sum: do not count on the world
to have consistency.
It is a workshop where all things
are changed up constantly.
Bring wine! Quran-wonks, clerics, sheikhs,
inquisitors of God...
Look close, and youll see all of them
are ministers of fraud.

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 11:16