Iamsu! - 91 Corvette

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Song lyrics:

[Intro: Iamsu!]

HBK, yeah you know how we play
This sound like, top down in the Corvette
89, 91

[Verse 1: Iamsu!]
Let me tell a little story about a ‘G
2002 or maybe 2003
Six foot Mack with a knack for the funk
Supply the ba** for your face in the trunk
I compose the beat, write the rap and I snap
And if the check bounce, the promoter get slapped
Cause there aint no faking when it comes to my dividends
Wake up in the morning and I stretch out my ligaments
Came from the rich, raised with respect
Momma was a teacher so I always came correct
Now we in effect, hopping off a jet
With some light work, two chains on my neck
I dress to impress, I dont smoke the sessameal
Always keep the paper feel
Reefer give me s** appeal
Please unwind, and go and hope on this ride
With the greatest of all time

[Verse 2: Dave Steezy]
How I look at it you arent supposed to stunt
Prior to me rolling this I smoked a joint, yeah
And thats exactly why my eyes red
Stoner n***a thats addicted to all this high-end sh**
And the moneys probably all I need
But I wont stop until Im dead like [?]
Smoking fire and half of these n***as liars
I just try to everything I can to remain a G
And bet I rock Mookey, bet caught babe
Bet I roll a doobie up and smoke it to their face
I with my n***as every day and we aint do a lot of playing
We just get into the money better listen what Im saying
Young shmop legend, will I stop? Never
And when them new yeezys drop Im trying to cop 7

No lie, I k** them with style, they feelin me now, like Iamsus is, im too sick, super half, too lit

[Verse 3: Jay Ant]
This aint the life that we chose, its the life that chose us
They tell us cuz we rap, we need our neck all froze up
But not I, start a hurricane if I fly by
Im that fly, its the B I G, pimping like Im hover
Even my mamma drive a range rover
Me sober? Nah n***a, Im 3 high
If you dont smoke, you shouldnt ride how we ride
California chillin cuz we got the best wee-ahd
Yup, me and my n***as smoke
And remember you dont smoke if you too afraid to choke
High as ceiling, go A-team, like a Chilean, mind on a million, and finished, isnt it?

[Verse 4: Kool John]
Is you are, is you aint
Man Im on the road to the top, I cant wait
And Im in the clique for the grinders, my team straight
Im from the home of the players but n***as love to hate
You act like all I wanna do is zoom-zoom in your boom-boom
When I come, girl you come too
Yea we grown-ups who doing what we wanna do
Like write raps about things that we gonna do
Like have a house on the hill thats a stunners view
Like probably cop a couple cars and have a hundred shoes
Imma ask, watch her buns, love her booty, hella too
Im shmop livin and Im doin what I wanna do

Im ducking s**as, busting nuts, making business moves
Its hot out, top down, feet up out the coupe
I hit the spot get the money then I ‘skrrrt out
I pull b**hes and aint even gotta work out

[Outro: P-Lo]
What up mane
Yall aint f**in with these young n***as mane
The game will never be the same
The game is to be sold, and not to be told, my brothaah
And Im out

One love

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