Iamtherealak - Goosebumps Remix Lyrics

Song Rating: 8.60/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah, Look

Everybody ask what I rap for
Imma show em what I rap for
Man I gotta keep up with the cash flow so I stay puttin out sh** like an a**hole
I been workin way past bedtime
Having bad luck like a cracked spine
Im like a doo rag with my rap mind gimme time and I promise Ill make headlines
Haters just stay around me
Always talk sh** but wont say it loudly
Acting hood but we know they aint bout it
Talk big but end up out cold no Rousey
I aint really with that
Now everybody gets mad when I spit facts
I work hard to avoid any mishaps
So if it aint perfect imma get mad
Yeah.. 732s what I rep I feast on these beasts I digest
Every sound of me leech and I give my best
And the best what out be homie I got next.. I got
I got bars like a cell
I aint talkin bout no phones
sh** Im talkin bout a jail
But both work you can choose what you want
To make songs used to pay to do it
Cause I didnt know how it worked
Now I make straight wavy music
But still dont know how to surf
Words to me like a jungle gym
Now I be playin on em like a hundred kids
Now sh** I dont really think you understand
Im the f**ing man!
I be leaving greats shook, AI to MJ, Im blockin out bad like my name Dekembe
They talk sh** now but they wont in 10 days
Im tryna grind hard so my a** can get paid
Listen close every songs a message cause I rap real sh** they say I dont get it
Im too hot for your headphone jack and I get it thats the reason everybody coping iPhone 7s look
And when I came back rapping every dude that onced doubted came back dappin me up tryna be tough that fast I just laugh and sit back try to act natural but
sh** change is different and
But man its quite sickening

Thank god I was raised with discipline cause right now I could be a different man

Yeah.. And thats real

Yeah, a lots been goin lately
A lot on my mind and I gotta make a statement
Ahead of my time Imma grind til I make it
No doubt know what Im about for you hate me
And aint nobody know the facts and with that Id say Ive grown a snap
More stress got me snappin than more than tracks
This is life tho man this is more than rap
Theres more than music this a lifestyle
Tryna make a livin off of this sh** that I write down
Now listen they always be tellin me pipe down
Guess they really didnt see this coming from a white child
From a white child
Always sayin I dont rap in the right style
Tryna knock me leaving limbs dragging like a night gown
So quit it with that sh** right now
Cause aint nobody round hungry than me right now
Plus school really aint my thing
So the music gotta work for me homie I pray
That a blessing from the heavens sent it coming my way
All Ive shown is progression I gotta give thanks
Thank God its how he made me
Lyrical gunner built with no safety
I aint leaving my roots for success that aint me
Thats a p**y move my name aint KD
When I be takin shots
I have you feelin dizzy like youve taken shots
If I got a problem imma make it clear and thats why every hater said he takin shots
I be workin grindin harder and Ive only started tryna help my momma get the things she wanted
Never could afford a house upon the water
I cant wait the day I say I bought it for her
I aint tryin to kiss up I just wanna give her everything and anything she ever wished for
Makin many sacrifices to keep smiles all on me, my brother and my younger sister
Thats why imma grind out
You aint know about me me now you gon find out
On the rise dont think about goodbyes now
I aint goin nowhere its my time now

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 22:39