Ill Bill - Economics

Song Rating: 7.49/10

Song lyrics:

I love everything about money
You can be a millionaire and never pay taxes

Rust, I got to bust to my destination
I woke up late time from other transportations
Trains and busses – public adorations so better turn
But where Im going to is a place where it really burns
And burns my brain, my job, my occupation
Another motherf**ing source of frustration
4, 25$ an hour, leaves my mouth sour
Minimum wages like Im caged in the prison tower
Tell you to take out another person flips
They cant cope so they create their own economics
With an Uzi some ammunition and a flat jacket
Stick up kids, wanna be fat like Buddy Hacket
And get props, ranks, thanks, power position
A piece of paper with a picture of a dead politician

So many times Ive seen people play stupid for money
And at the funeral it isnt funny
But nevertheless the world turns, it doesnt burn
Cause money make the world go round is what I always heard
Thats when I got that sadly look on my face
No matter how fast I run, I always wind up in last place
So I just like to would pick myself up an automatic
So I can end my fate check without a denim static
Got nothing to lose except my head
Yo Im in it to win it and imma spray the town blood red
Autroprenorial sk**s coming all fly
And economically it doesnt matter if somebody die
Its all about getting the dollars and j**el specs
So give it up before I put your life in fast checks

Yeah I got money coming out my a**
Yeah I got money coming out my a**

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 08:59