Jadakiss - Rock Wit Me

Song Rating: 8.23/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Teyana Taylor]
See me in the club with my bottles up
Tell the bartender he aint got enough
See me in the club with them models huh
Rock with me now

Im a hit em hard, J to the (MUAH)
No weed on me, left the joints in the car
Cardigan Herme skully with the scarf
You could just look at him and tell that he a boss
Order what you sip on, Louis Vuitton slip-ons
If you cant stay in the race you get skipped on
over for this smooth sh**, time for improvement
Elegant wrist wear, Turbian movement
Yeah - its twelve bottles to a table
Gamblin witcha life, playin lotto witcha label
You always in the red but they object is to pay you
Then you wonder why Im in the projects with the llello
Shrimps in the music, accordin to how you use it
But when you get addicted to somethin, you abuse it
Yeah - we gon drink til the sunlight
You listen here, I dont do it unless its done right

[Chorus: Teyana Taylor (Jadakiss)]
See me in the club with my bottles up (you see me)

Tell the bartender he aint got enough (reload me)
See me in the club with them models huh (hey lovely, ha)
Rock with me now
(Right now Im in my prime) rock with me now
(Ive always been ahead of my time) so rock with me now
(I aint here to tell you no lies) rock with me now
(Im top five dead or alive) rock with me now

Yeah - Im gettin money aint nuttin new
Nah, you should see they face when Im comin through
Hah, bunch of weirdos lookin corny
Started off with blue jeans and I took it to Barneys
Keep your girl over there if you notice she horny
Should have left her in the crib if you know that she on me
Bars is Polish Spring, the flow is Dasani
Purple label, thats why you aint notice the phony
Ha ha! You see the difference in the stones
Forty cal kick back different when its chrome
And now I react a little different cause Im grown
Sour come out when the piff is all gone
Stay given them hell, keep heaven with me
I seen the game wear the rim out, thats a trip B
Comin down 7th in a new 750
And all I do is pray that the feds never get me

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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