Jae Millz - E Ness vs Jae Millz (Verse)

Song Rating: 9.85/10

Song lyrics:

Jae Millz-
Homie f** you and the block you claim

Listen, f** you and f** your fame

You a ghetto supastar, then f** yo name and if I ever get chance imma f** ya dame

Then I might f** yo motha and f** ya aunt, then spit in yo face like (pssst) you f**in punk

See Im too hot to f**in touch and if you gotta problem with my language so f**in wat

It aint no smurk on my face, cause Im f**in serious and you cant solve a problem you f**in idiot

You gettin outta line stay the f** in ya place, matter fact dont stand there, just get the f** out my face

What the f** I gotta do to show cats Im f**ing problem, I done embarra**ed damn near half f**in harlem

Stop frontin, .... You f**in broke ad millz mean what he say, you f**in joke

f** wat you gettin and f** wat you got and if really love Houston muthaf**a you can die in ya block

Hold up, matter of fact, ... f** ya block, we can take it to the fist dude f** the Glock

f** yo mother and f** ya pops, f** whatever you stand for, and f** who ever think you hot

Stop tryin to take f**in tough route
Fo puffy standin ova you like damn you got knocked the f** out

Play tough and end up in the f**in sky, and you f**in wit brent thats a f**in lie

You mad cause when I rhyme chicks say i want to f** him and when you rhyme b**hes be like booooo f** him

f** wat you heard, millz aint no f**in herm, I leave layin on the f**in curb

I k** you and yo f**in boo, and who ever feel sad at the funeral f** them too

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 02:15