Jay Anfernee - Hard Work

Song Rating: 8.10/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro]: Dont ever let somebody tell you you cant do something, not even me
You got a dream, you gotta protect it

[Verse 1: Jay Anfernee] Listen to the scribbles read by the tall, black male. Observing and learning as the world turns. You gotta have trouble in the plots of your tale, which is where Ive been developing concern.

n***as say they got your back then they stab it. Never had any trust, thats a bad habit I got from an early age. A good thing, considering the kinds of disappointment life brings
Better make it here than anywhere else, cuz better lessons are taught by people in the 767. When I get my chance to make my bread, my long-stored dedication will be my leaven
I wont need to borrow, I wont need to ask. I got enough sh** without them grudging on my doings. The other side dont always got the greener gra**, so for now Ill make good in my pursuings
[Hook]: All that glitters is not gold. You beg for their help then they grab for your soul. Its either that, or you become their miracle. When you need them, they treat you like a cold
f** the world, dont ask me for sh**. Anything you want, you gotta work hard for it. It beats talent when talent doesnt work hard. You gonna make it once you play the right card

Date of text publication: 19.01.2021 at 02:02