Jaykae - Straight Up Remix

Song Rating: 7.49/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Tempa]
You wanna know what the word is?
Im pissed cause my n***as got birded
I couldnt believe when I heard that verdict
So much years and nobody got murdered
Thats so real sh**, these MCs dont pack burners
f** that, Im going to spit this straight from the heart
Bare MCs are liars, theyve been telling bare lies from the start
I see man on YouTube chatting sh**
Man on Facebook, chatting sh**
Man on Twitter and theyre chatting sh**
But its best to [?] dont talk
Cause I dont want to do it
Them man are talking d** and guns but them man aint even knew it
My older Gs told me to carry on spitting cause Im going to go clear G
Plus they know manna real G
Ah, you never heard what I said?
I said plus they know manna real G
So, one love to my n***as in the bin
Bang your door fam, it aint no thing
My n***a phoned me from jail, told me f** man,its a straight p ting
So now I get it in
I do my ting
Its a Straight Up Remix, f** what you heard, Im out here on the curb, dont gas and tell them straight up

[Hook: Dapz OTM & Lil Choppa] (X4)
Straight up, straight up, straight up, straight up
No bullsh**, no lies, its the remix, straight up

[Verse 2: Depzman & Jaykae]
Straight up, straight up
You man should try and take a walk in my shoes
Im trying to get by in this music ting, you think about times[?]
From Small Heath so Im all for the blues
I aint trying to get caught in the madness, caught in the court or caught in the news, nah
Its so peak, its so deep
Was cold on road so I roll with the heat
Man say Ive got a hot head, but Id rather have a hot head that cold feet
And I dont know Scratchy but when I roll deep
And if I ever hear that youre setting up shop
Yeah, thats going to stop, you know why?
Cuh youre on a likkle man ting like nicotine rush
Theres no way on Earth youre spinning me truss
I be the guy he wishes he was
Man down if I start singing his hooks
Dapz is a G when hes singing his hooks
Man hollaed me for the Straight Up Remix
Cant tell man straight up how Im feeling
Now anyones stealing my buss (Oh yeah)
[?] Like us (Oh yeah)
They aint scheming like us
Them man are followers, come like sheep
Trust me they arent leading like us
Yeah, them man are fish, cant swim with the sharks
Heaven and Hell are inches apart
Life aint game like Im in a console

Yeah its peak out here and thats straight from the heart, straight up

[Hook: Dapz OTM & Lil Choppa] (X4)
Straight up, straight up, straight up, straight up
No bullsh**, no lies, its the remix, straight up

[Verse 3: Sox]
Tell a man straight up, you wont make it
Your girl like chaps, but she dont wear bracelets
Dapz hollaed me for the Straight Up Remix cause he knew straight away I would break it
One of the best MCs in the grime scene
Thats why gyal want to sing my praises
The worlds f**ed up, thats my opinion, let me explain it
Sit on the sofa, roll up a big spliff and rotate it
Ill break it down to them so basic
The whole of Englands f**ed because the members of parliament just want to up their savings
All most teenagers want to do is have s** and get off their faces
I dont blame them
I was on the same sh**, might see Sox in Notts like laces
sh**s f**ed up, but you cant change it
All man think about is their wages
Man try tell me Im sick for a whiteboy, but that aint a complement, fam its racist
I am the darkest, but Im the palest
I am the hardest, cause Im the greatest
I am the smartest, you under[?]
When gyal see you they do 180s
And if you were really an artist no-one would buy your paintings
Yeah I understand why youre hating
Man are suffering, Invasions on another ting
Not going to lie, my life is amazing
Them man claim to be wavy, but theyve never been sailing
I say Invasion Alert cause Im invading

[Break: Dapz OTM & Lil Choppa]
Ive come a long way, but got a long way to go
I come from watching man on TV, thinking watch when them man hear me
But now, the tables are turned cause I used to look up to man, who now look up to man
We make hard work look easy, but it never came like that, it was more like
Sleepless nights, working to better my life trying to reach my goal
Underground artist, trying to stay grounded, but still fits the overground role
Straight up
Slowly but surely onwards and up
Ive watched my fan base grow
I got my head down, now things are looking up
They used to say no, and now the know, for real
Yeah, they got my cousin serving more time than hes been alive
I wish he could start over, straight up, but Ive got to do me in grime
So I said ok, somethings gotta give
Dropped a new [?]
[?] with my sound
012, whos running it now? Its us
They didnt have faith when I told them I was going to do this
Now look a bit, they feel stupid
Top 5 [?] alive in the midst, so dont chat to me about music
Seen bare MCs get to the stage, when theyre on stage and then they lose it
Man have got a one way ticket to success and its in date so manna gunna use it

[Hook: Dapz OTM & Lil Choppa] (X4)
Straight up, straight up, straight up, straight up
No bullsh**, no lies, its the remix, straight up

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