JT Machinima - Borderlands Pre Sequel Rap

Song Rating: 8.32/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Were going back to the past
Like it was happening now
But these events happened back then, not actually now
Am I making any sense when Im mapping this out?
Its the Pre-Sequel, dumba**, you getting it now?
Im the Borderlands king, only lacking a crown
Question my intention and Ill smack you around
Even before I was bad, I always had the renown
If you dont know about me, then get to asking around
Super fly, got my head in the clouds
I rock the whole damn planet when Im slamming the ground
The limits the sky in low gravity town
But all these goddamn Kragons keep on dragging me down
Handsome Jack is back in the house
Oh, so much cash, Im stacking it out
Yo, wheres the loot? Im tracking it now
You got a question for God?
You can ask him yourself

[Hook 1]
You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?
Youd better know when you come into town
Its a dog-eat-dog kinda life we live
Thats why you never let your guard fall down
Sleep with one eye open boy
Or youll never wake up again
If you find good loot, then get ready to shoot
Cuz in the Borderlands, you have no friends

[Verse 2]
With action sk**s, your a**, Ill kick
Fact: if you dont get back, Ill crack my whip
Beware my airborne drones cuz they have some tricks
Ill use my shield better than Captain America ever did
I keep the streets clean in the Borderlands
I mean, Im three-fourths beast and a quarter man
By the time your body hits the floor, youre dead
And with my team of four, your getting cornered, man
Wilhelm, hardcore cyborg enforcer
Leave it up to Nisha to keep the law and order
Athena is the gladiator of sorts
And dont judge Claptrap just because hes shorter (hey!)
You got a plan? Because you cant afford to
Stand against the crew puttin you through torture
Elemental damage, my buttslam will torch ya
I was getting sorta bored of old Pandora

[Hook 2]

Dont need to warn you that around every corner
Waits another hostile attack
And need I remind you keep an eye out behind ya
Or youll find a knife in your back
Only reason why youre never satisfied
With the gun that you got in hand
You know that soon in time
Your gonna come to find one
Thats better than all the rest

[Dub step breakdown]

[Verse 3]
Youd think Id have wings, acrobatic in action
Stacks of swag from all the Vaults Ive been cracking
Decking out my weapons with these cryogenic attachments
Freeze your a**, then youre gonna shatter like gla**, b**h!
Im kinda like a psychotic gun lover
Singlehandedly run into battle uncovered
Beat your a** faster than a master nun-chucker
With the latest laser guns, pew-pew motherf**ker!
No matter how I fall, Ill land on my feet
I got my awesome Oz kit making gravity weak
By the end of this rap, Ill have you tapping your feet
After Claptrap drops a fat Claptrap beat


[JT Machinima]
Okay, Claptrap, we get it
We get it, thats enough
Claptrap, you can shut the f*** up!

Alright, alright!
Jeez, some people have no rhythm

[Hook 3]
You talk the talk (talk the talk)
And you walk the walk (walk the walk)
But better watch yourself out here boy
Its dog-eat-dog
When you see my gun
Youre gonna wanna run but
Ill make sure you stop in place
Right before you die
Im gonna blow your mind
When you hear me drop the base

Date of text publication: 19.01.2021 at 19:07