Kamakaze - Spitfire Part 2

Song Rating: 8.66/10

Song lyrics:

Theyre asking the yout who did it
The one who sprinkled the juju in it
You man talk aint too true is it
Nothin more than a fag like two twos init
Harder than half these youts who spit it
If it goes wrong Ill say the voodoo did it
If the shoe fits me I move units
Best pray I aint got a shoe loose init
f** two twos, man are two boots with it
Move through before I move you in it
Dont get views on youtube with it
But you man aint got a blues clue, zip it
Ask the mandem who gets real
MCs get spun like a roulette wheel
Im nice with it got that new crep feel
New creps, whos next, which yout gets peeled?
I got a yout vexed what a kawinkydink
Theyre washed up tryna rinse the sink
Mix the left overs then I drink ya drink
In the past month bare man have asked if the kids a chink
But nah Im not chinese, dont watch my Ps theyre in need of cream like they got dry knees, try clock my stes
Come with your Indi-Rs, no big guy bars

Suggest you dip yard, Ill leave your boat in the shipyard
You dont hit hard, know whos in charge, thicker than penis discharge
Heard bars like this dawg
Had bars from way back when, if you dont like me say that then
Not like youre gonna come to my ends and spray MAC-10s from the back of your Maybach Benz
Dont make money, dont make sense
Dont make sense then you wont make pence
If you wont make pence then you wont make rent
Wont make rent then its back to your ends
You ask me if I make money, me man I stay gully
Dont do it, play fully, me man I play fully
Spray fully, chase nunny
Cant lie n say I never ate p**y
Dont laugh it aint funny
Go ahead laugh if you want
Would I spray bars and not ask for response
When I go town clubbing get ga**ed on my mans
Me I dont rap cling
Dont draw shanks on a madting
Me I draw lighties, white tings black tings, allow the fat tings
Your tings that tings, back from skanking
Taxi to shanking
No I aint ramping

Date of text publication: 19.01.2021 at 13:21