Kast N Fame - 76 Bars

Song Rating: 9.38/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah

[Verse 1]
I Tell You Living In The City
Is A Serious Task
This Aint A Game Motherf**ers
Better Watch Your Ass
I Read The Bible
And It Said I Had To Love My Rivals
Lord Forgive Me
But Im Buck Em Down With My Rifle
The AR-15 Start Screaming At Em
I Got The Infra Blue Beams
And They Beaming At Em
Lifes A Battle
Every Single Days A f**ing Test
Protect Your Neck
Cover Your Chest
Or Quickly Put To Rest
Rest In Peace To All My Soldiers Lost In The Game
God Help Me
I Sold My Soul For Street Fame
My Life Is Violent
The Violent Life
Peace Is A Dream
Reality Is Tonight
My Colors
My Honor
My Color Is Blue
Keep It True Lil Homie
Cuz I Bang With The New
So What The f** Can I Do?
I Was Raised To Be True
Dont Make Me Act A f**ing Fool
You Know Im Packing My Tool
Theres New Rules To The Game
f** The Fortune & The Fame
Its A Shame How Motherf**ers Want To Act Like They Lame
Man I Feel The Flames
Time To Let It Rain
I Can See It Plain As Day
I Can Hear What They Say
They Say Im Known To Let Em Spray
Packing 9s And AKs
Dont Give A f** What They Say
You Little Cowards Are Gay
You Wanna Play? Lets Play
Just Know I Play For Keeps
d**h Creeps On Muthaf**ers Walking Round In They Sleep
M-16s, 100 Round Magazines
Beretta 9s
I Give They Ass Bad Dreams
All You Hear Is Screams
Unload The .223
The Real k**ers On My Team
We Pull The Licks So Clean
Tell Me What Does It Mean?
What Do You See In My Eyes?
The Cold Look Of The Devil
Is What They Realize
Aint No Pitty
Cuz My Attitude Is sh**ty As Hell
Im Hell Bound
50 Rounds Aiming Straight At Them Clowns
Im Taking Em Down
To The Ground
Still Out f**ing Around
Its Hi Power - Soldier Ink
Man They Loving The Sound
Im Busting Back

On All These Punk f**ing b**hes
Homies Turn To Snitches
When They See You Stacking Riches
Its Like f** Em
I Never Needed None Of Them s**ers
First Theyre Your Brother
Then They Switch Up On A Motherf**er
Naw I Cant f** With None Of You Fools
Watch The Friends You Choose
Or They Might Give You The Blues Of Bad News
So Im Watching The Cops
And They Keep Watching Me Back
I Mean My Block Is Hot
I Pray To God Late At Night
Close My Eyes Real Tight
Im Asking God For Forgiveness
Trying To Live My Life
Its Like Im Trapped Inside My Body
With No Kind Of Escape
And I Can See The Yellow Tape
And I Can Hear The Gates
Dear Bozo, Dear Chino, Dear f**ing Trigger
Lil Bago, Lil Youngster & The List Gets Bigger
Little Gee
Lord Set My People Free
Help Them See
Show Them All The Things You Shown Me
Just Let Them Know
Its Time To Let Our Babies Grow
The Time To Hustle Is Now
And Fill Our Pocket With Dough
God I Dont Wanna Suffer Any Longer
Im Smoking Marijuana
Trying To Make It Through The Drama
Dont Do No Talking
I Box Em With My Glock
And Youre Just Another Dead Man
Walking To His Coffin
Im Dropping All These Sissys
Its The Way Of The Gun
The Feds Got Me On The Run
f** It Let Em Come
It Aint Over Till Im Done
Got This Drug Up In My Lungs
And It Gots Me Spun
Ask KastNFame
And Theyll Tell You The Same
Stomps Is Sick In The Brain
Insane In The Brain
I Came Out The Darkness
With No Fear In My Heart
My Papa Told Me How It Felt To Put A Hole In A Mark
So I Was Raised To Be A k**er
True Gangster At Heart
Lived My Life Up On The Frontline
So I Had To Stay Smart
Dont Come Out After Dark
You Aint Ready For Trouble
Blood Puddles On The Double
This The Concrete Jungle
Man I Never Thought Id Be Alone In The Streets
They Locked Up All My Road Dogs
Man We Used To Roll Deep
No Hope For The Future
Cuz Im Stuck In The Past
I Keep My Strap By My Side Cuz It All Comes Back
Just Me & My b**h
She Holds The 30 Round Clip
The Only One I Trusted
Growing Up In The Pick
Walkin Around Head Down
Check The Battle Scars
And Now Im Living By The Gun Behind The 76 Bars

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 09:27