KB - Anomaly

Song Rating: 8.14/10

Song lyrics:

This is so anomaly
‘Cause all they want is hotlines, 1-(800) callin me
But Ima be paintin pictures with the Scriptures so that all can see
Politely got my attention when he came down to pardon me
Instead of orderin me or Sodom and Gomorrah me
Orderly showed His heart to me, holdin me to his following
Look Im from the hood too, used to smoke that good too
Now Im testimony homie what the Lord could do
I fear for rappers who blaspheme when they spit
I call a spade a spade, homie you dont know who you dealin wit
Jesus aint playin games, the second coming is still legit
The lamb that was slain will be sleighin like Saint Nicholas

This is an anomaly (cats dont wanna rap about this, do they, huh?)
Look this is an anomaly (this aint too good for your career, but imma warn you like someone warned me, man)

God is still there regardless if you think he isnt
Like jail doesnt disappear ‘cause you stop believin in prison
When its all said and done, when everything he said is done
All that mess that you said is done is over ‘cause he said its done
Get the truth when I flow always Im on it, get up on it
And you know my crew gotta boast in the Lord only, and I flaunt it
Then I show this proof when I go back and forth with these dudes, but I know that the Lord
Is the one who can straighten out your boy, then make a move to the Lord of glory
They aint hearin me, they dont sense this urgency
Think you got time, yous a flat tire from eternity
Or a diagnosis, you know God is in your hindsight
YOLO, only live once, but you can die twice
Offendin you, trust me Im a friend of you
Though my message is ignored more than the surgeon generals

This is pinnacle, though you count it as miniscule
It aint cool to be criminal, the Judgell get to you

This is an anomaly
This is an anomaly (let me calm down a little bit … nah, forget that)

Im likely not probably gonna be liked a lot
Everybody likes to be liked, they like he will more than likely stop
And I might be hot, but I fear a mighty God:
The boss. Next to him all other bosses are jokes, Michael Scott
Truth in the flow always Im on it, got focus, or Im croaking
But I do know some cats think Im bogus, Im open for improvement
You gotta prove that the Lord didnt send Jesus to the world and bore
All my sins and he straight saved your boy from the same wrath that you will endure
For sure Ill face the music like Pandora
Well stand before the Judge, you need Jesus as your lawyer
I know this might annoy ya, Im that voice youve been ignorin
That tells you you in danger, something serious is comin
They tell me not to judge but they mean dont be offensive
If I judge you its cute, you call it wisdom
Every mouth will cease to run, we beseech you to believe the Son
Even PETA will need the blood of the Lamb when his kingdom comes
I aint worried about my legacy
I love you more than safety, Im tryin to change your eternity
I was dead in non-belief, somebody brought this call to me
Loved me enough to tell me truth, this is so anomaly

Anomaly, anomaly
This is an anomaly, this is an anomaly
Anomaly, anomaly
This is an anomaly, this is an anomaly

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 20:49