Konshens - Nuh Give A Damn

Song Rating: 9.23/10

Song lyrics:

Me is a bwoy mi nuh too follow man
Mi nuh too give a f**k
Mi nuh too give a damn

Me is a bwoy from my money right
Family and friends right
Wi nuh need bag a man

Me is a bwoy nuh frighten fi no gyal
Been through angel, earth, and devil gyal

Me is a bwoy weh nuh too matter
When dem a meck talk a nuh shatta dem a chatta then

(Verse 1)
But if a did talk alone dweet
Man would a done dead
Dem mouth a run red
Wi ears a run red
Pu**y you nuh rich like wi caw yo love beg
And everybody style you caw yo love beg
Man a hustler, wi nuh beg bwoy
Try stop the food, you wi dead bwoy
A nuh like last year when man a hold peace
Fifteen duppy at least, lend you four piece
And wi nuh too love chat mi friend dem
Love send body go to Dove-Cot

(Pre Chorus)
is a bwoy whe pree life simple
A nuh everything weh dem into mi into

Me is a bwoy weh nuh do the proving
From mi likkle every time mi try prove
Mi end up losing

Me is a bwoy nuh rate man weh love likes
And love meck up noise
Like dem seh dem a bruk vibes

(Verse 2)
Mi notice everybody get brave and big
And a hide behind the hundred man they walk wid
Thatโ€™s why mi meck sure load up wid ten more
A the tall thing wid the letter weh mi name start wid
Dawg the thing a get wicked, set a way
Every man a touch the road a try meck a way
Before you toch road you better pray
And if you give yo self trouble you life wi get tek away
Cause out yah nuh pretty like pretty gyal
In a day coming like rich hours

(Second Chorus)
Suh me is a bwoy weh nuh too left gun
Everyweh weh mi go mi meck sure mi tek that

Me is a bwoy weh been through a bag a thing
And every-time mi get over one thing is another thing

Suh me is a bwoy weh touch like rock stone

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Pre Chorus)

Date of text publication: 19.01.2021 at 13:11