Lil Durk - Ballin

Song Rating: 7.83/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook: Johnny May Cash]
You losing. Damn right you losing
Keep the pole on me wont catch me snoozin
And these b**hes they be choosing
Stacking money to the ceiling, b**h we balling

[Verse 1: King Rell]
You losing, damn right you losing
And These n***as tryna copy my swag buy they might lose it
Cause Im balling. And this money steady calling
So you know what I gotta do: Ima flex on you
Pull a brand new coup if you only knew
The things that I would do and my n***as theyll shoot
And we balling. Damn right we balling
And I got your b**h, she steady stalking
And if you only knew the things that she do
Taking off the clothes off that what she do
Cause our money grew. And we balling
And these other n***as aint on nothing


[Verse 2: YB]
Dont know what you did heard about
b**h n***as we not worried about
Come to where you hang out

And blow yo f**ing brains out
King Rell, Im the man now
Tell them goofies f**ing stand down
They got a bag get they hands out
Aint got not time for no hand out
Yeah you know I got a bag
Flexing on them f**ing fags
Got to get it everyday
84th where I lay


[Verse 3: Lil Durk]
Got me balling we call em out we all in
Bad b**hes they foreign we all winners they all ten
Fufu n***as hate on me hard
They turn it down when they see my squad
Versace just to get yo b**h on all my jock
Got thirty shots in that Glock. Im on my block
You losing if aint with me
Got b**hes kissing b**hes and they with me
On parole, I cant sip lean, that purple syrup it gotta tempt me
I cant let these n***as tempt me
And Im riding off in that foreign
And these old hoes they boring

[Hook x2]

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