Lil Snupe - 318 Freestyle

Song Rating: 7.49/10

Song lyrics:

[Lil Snupe]
Lil Snupe! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh
Free my n***a C4. [X8]

Let me hop in it and free my n***a C4
If rap sh** dont work then we gon sell this sh** like Nino
b**hes lookin for me they cant find me like Nemo
Cuz every time Im in the building I set it of like Cleo
Hurricane with me, 51/50
b**h get jiggy then get naked and shake all your a** and titties
Baby told me to k** it. I told him that I k** it
I hold it down from the 318 all the way back to Philly.
Lil Snupe up in the buildin, you know that Im up in this ho
Everybody want it yeah I swear you better watch it ho
Cuz n***a I rank with me. Guarantee she f** my clique
She gon s** my dick all day and night she gon do it left she gon do it right
Yeahhhh n***a Jonesboro
Where we up in this b**h swear to God that we dont care
And I got these diamonds on my neck And these diamond on my wrist
With these Js up on my feet and your b**h up on my dick
Man this b**h she love my swag. And she love my f**ing clique
Cuz we hit the f**ing club and act like yall dont even exist
Cuz we in our own lane, we did our own sh**
Im a young n***a but I stay on that grown sh**
I be smoking on that loud People tell me turn it down
So if you cant f** with that loud you cant even come around
You know I gotta do it, best believe that my man strapped
She screamin out ay bay bay and she started doing the hand clap
Got this b**h naked. Got this b**h gettin with it
Got this b**h wanna f**. f** me and my whole city
Man Dee-Low told me do it and I told him that I got it
Then I hit my n***a lil Derick up and we head straight to the projects
We head to the projects, and then we start rollin up
All the bad b**hes hit my phone they wanna roll with us
Cuz they already know that Im a f**in clown
When they heard that I was gonna be in she prayed that no ones around
I shut it down everywhere I go
And I love bad b**hes so you better watch your ho
Ill grab the magnum and put that dick straight up down her throat.
And she aint playin when she get in here she know how we roll
b**h aint no relaxin they no Im the ?
These b**hes already know whats up. b**hes know its whats happening

You chill up in my bed but you f**in on my mattress
We gon get straight to the business. Swear to God he wont be with it hold up

[Hurricane Chris]
I took a n***a b**h, then gave her plenty dick
I put a p**y n***a on the news channel six
I k** me a dog a** n***a Mike Vick
And you know it is no you not f**in with Chris
I put her on that wood then I told her do the splits
Got Snupe up in this b**h and the whole crew up in this b**h
You know Im gettin lifted off Patron and Ciroc
Any n***a talkin that sh** I swear to God they dont wanna box
Got a left hand and a right hand, break a n***a jaw
I do some crucial sh** you gon think this the movie Saw
I represent that south and bat a n***a in his mouth
I got your b**h bussin it wide open on my couch
Man Im a dawg you a cat, I step on these rats
And these n***as know Im in the club strap with that gat
Yeah Im strap with that mac. Some hoes in the back
Threefy smokin on some sh** that made him have an asthma Attack
Im bout my money, n***a Im bout my money
I pull up in my Maserati, f** your lil 600!
We bout that big cash, pull up in them big Jags
Ill smack your b**h a** then feel on your b**h a**
Shout out to Calico. Im bout my money
That b**h showing her camel toe put dick all in her stomach
I f** her front and back and then I tried to make her vomit
These n***as aint bout no beef, n***a I aint never runnin
Got a chopper and a Glock knock a n***a out his socks
Man free my n***a Boosie I might break that n***a out
You know what Im about, play games you get popped
Ask some n***as who had played with me that time they got shot
My hood about that murder. Thats right them n***as will serve ya
I rapped that gangster sh** These n***as thought I was commercial
Im in the V.I.P and b**h you know I got the burner
My n***a Threefy in the DJ booth smokin that purple
Ay bay bay. Lil mama wanna flick then call me Ray J
Thats I got that [machine-gun sounds] AK
That sh** I say it be for real you for play play
Yous a faggot a** n***a you shanaynay
Play some games Imma nut up like a pay day
And I got all these hoes poppin, or riding in my old school rims steady choppin. I got that f**in whopper like my name Bin Laden

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