Lox Chatterbox - Copycat

Song Rating: 8.53/10

Song lyrics:

This is dedicated to all those copycats

You just a motherf**in copycat
f** yo ambience, they call me Lox (Hi Lox)
Chances that you f**in with me, probably not
Ninja sh**, karate chops
Like weak pallbearers, bo-bo-bodies drop
Im obviously on some other sh**, your squad is not
And all these s**ers on my stick, I call em lollipops
Bark bark, feed em to the shark sharks
Top of the list, I get to haters like they aardvarks
f** with me, I got the plug like a car spark
Episode III, flow to you Jar-Jars
Bananas though, an animal
Crazy sh** that make yo b**h take a sabbatical
The young harlequin, got it like Rastafarians
Purple haze like Jimis on a guitar again
Ha-la-la-lucinatin, Im seeing stars again
But this aint Coachella an those aint holograms

(Whats purple haze? You got me purple dazed
I cant even understand a single word you says)

U-u-urban life, u-u-urban ways
Turn this ba** to a spectacle like Cirque Du Soleil

Just a motherf**in copycat
Why you lyin, you aint thought o that
Riding someone elses dick
You f**in lying back

You just a motherf**in copycat
Somebody tear these b**hes up, professors here
You know the Chatterbox forever rockin at your wheel
They sayin this Illuminati sh**, puppeteer
Elevated, you aint even on the second tier
They kick cannabis, smokin like sh**s glamorous
Get in some sh**, probably as quick as I slip out of it
Sick calibre, hustle like Lip Gallagher
Muzzle your chick fore I get ruffled and flip out on her
Customarily built, you aint touchin the kids altitude
Travellin 239,000 miles dude, miles dude
Lunar status, to the moon and back
These b**hes sleepin on me but Im used to that
Cant tell me nothin, yo b**h cant tell me nothin
I leave with Gisele, they gettin f**ed like jelly stuffing
I can tell you crumblin cause you softer than a belly button
Thats why I can cook it up and all you do is smell the oven
I feel like every new release I drop, these rappers bite
Its like Im only here to feed you f**ing parasites
And what the labels feed me, I dont have the appetite
And all you copycats can blow me like a f**ing bag of pipes

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 01:20