MC Juice - The 420 Show Freestyle

Song Rating: 8.82/10

Song lyrics:

Yeah turn it up a bit, turn it up a bit
Cus if its louder thats some sh** that I be f**in with
You know exactly how it is when I toss it
I boss it, then I make money and profit off it, get it
Uh, thats my dj to the right of me
This is my life baby dog dont lie to me
The CH one more letter is Chi
Im from the CH, nobodys better Im fly
And Im just mike, I just might rip it right
I shouldntve smoked that weed I feel like Im on a different kite
Im so high above the world till Im lookin down
Im seein New York and Im floatin by Brooklyn Town
Hey Salam Wreck, Hey Salam Wreck, Take a Picture of Us Hes like the Bomb Threat

Use your apple phone boy Im in the rappin zone
When its time to snap its on, leave my f**ing raps alone
Yeah, this is what I f**ing do for fun
Battles like subtraction I can turn that sh** from two to one
Huh I f**in lost the supernatural but Im the illest on the mothaf**in earth thats superactual
Yeah, they understand what Im all about
I hit you till you motherf**in body parts fallin out
He chill my mic too ill, its like be real to Cypress Hill
Uh, I freestyle and I might just chill
Im the best on the earth I know you like this sk**
Im accelerated, it sounds like its premeditated
They never hate it its time Im f**in better weighted
Im old school in LA but I aint federated
Alotta n***as say they ill but they aint never made it
Uh I used to shop at la brea, you be all up on the bench while you be lookin at the playas
Uh, Ill stomp you in the mouth I get returned like carts at Ralphs
Im just buggin Im talkin bout the supermarket
I dont like the smoke breaks you shouldntve ever let juice to spark it
Huh my Louis hat is in the green room but its painted red I swear Im on the scene tomb raider
Im kinda Like Laura Croft my flow is real nasty when its time to knock em off
And whatd you say, I tell people to put the guns down cus 8 years olds is still dyin out in Youngstown
Thats some dumb sh** I mean blood red you cant even sleep on the top of your f**in bunk bed
These motherf**as dont settle it with gats when the metals spittin back we get ghetto thats a fact
I dont even like rivalries I rap like theres 5 of me, I am black Im the opposite of ivory soap
I might be on the coast called the f**in west coast all up on the walls like asbestos
Im kinda like a poptart stop start then I make the best toast
Any mothaf** tryina think he should impress most definitely
I leave a mothaf**in whole like leffina-G if he steppin to me
I am the illest, the illest, the dopest the sickest
Mothaf**as cant see me they cannot evict us even if they got eviction notice
I kick the dopest I spit what I gotta do Im like 50 oprahs
I choke a MC, hold the mic like Im Oprah Winfrey
I dont think that now rivers even flowin with me
Uh, I like this NAS beat its old school
Hey prophet it sounds dope you is a bold fool
Uh, so take that NAS beat and turn it on
Im gonorrhea any mic I f**ing burn it on
I swear to god I dish ya start dissin ya
Christen ya when Im done youll have a lotta listeners
And I aint talkin bout people in the chat room

Im talkin bout b**hes in the backroom
Half moon, s**in up dicks like a vacuum
n***a Im nasty Im a flower they dont wanna see that bloom
Like Orlando, I gotta tan hole plus Im real nasty Im a vandal – lous
Evangelist from Los Angeles I f**in floss so scandalous
n***a paint f** around Im sparkin a tree
I paid for parkin Salan told me parkin was free, Im f**ed up
I walked right through the parking lot, lookin at my b**h p**y
Damn that sh** dark and hot, sparkin pot
Like Eminem in the old days, cus I got music like the mothaf**in OJs
Callin on the three-way, three hoes thats a four-way
Beef is burger king I murder things have it your way

It really happened
He was from Puerto Rico, light skin n***a, hang off of Pico in Fairfax
He had a b**h and some Air Max, I think he was probly f**in this b**h bareback
He looked at me crazy he said do you got things
I said I got lyrics, proceeded to hit hot wings, when I sat down I ordered some f**in lemon pepper
He got b**hes but you know all my women deafer, anyway
Started lookin at my crazy like damn you got some sk** son I think that you amaze me
Im like Im like God with the flow thats why you praise me
He said you aint doin nothing with it though you lazy
Im like what you mean I got total control
He said you know what I could do if you sold me your soul
I said what could you do
He said I could make you famous like that dude that makes cookies
Right now you f**in nameless
I said Im real crazy and I gotta gotti? Flow
He said you real lazy n***a dont nobody know
Im like what the f** you wanna do I got some children
What you wanna offer me he said 50 million
I was like 50 million, well I dont got a lotta money, but I can share it like I had a lotta sunny
He started laughin, he said you alotta funny, and you are better than these rappers they alotta dummies
I said you right, now we coolin on melrose
Bought me some new clothes with it and some shell toes
Now Im f**in k**in mothaf**as with the hell flows
Tape the n***as chins shut like they makin velcro
Anyways I started hangin in Los An
When my mothaf**a looked at me crazy there was a plan
And they talked about Em and they talked about him
And they made a lotta money I made less money than Em
But with the 50 million I made Im almost equal to Em
So they dont understand my flows the sequal to him
Uh, and you dont want the prequel to that
Cus I swear Nutrisweet aint Equal to that
So when ya ask me how it feels to sell ya soul
I feel like Nat King, the sh** feel cold
I feel like Js World the sh** feel Cole
Cus Ima stop rappin when Im mothaf**in old
And you know what he taid? He said it was deferrable
I said what you mean he said you always keep burrables
I said Im real ill and my speech aint slurrable
He said if you have kids then the transfers transferable
That means my daughter gets it next, cus she bought it from him and I bought it from the next mothaf**a like that now my soul is sold
The n***a Jay you is ill said the flows is gold, halla

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 22:09