McAshHole - Who It Is (Intro)

Song Rating: 9.72/10

Song lyrics:

I wanted you
Know in my DMs, you opened
You seen it, you read it
You couldve said no, b**h
You noticed that whole sh** you wanted
This whole sh** is pointless
When all my approaches keep going, un-noticing
You keep on scrollin past all my emojis, b**h
You bout to blow it up
b**h, tryna bone and before you was on
b**h, you couldve got dick put in all of your holes
b**h, the bed and the floor
Lick you down to your toes
Dick you down on the stove with my thumb in your hole
You use condoms or no
Girl, its fine if you dont
But Im honestly gonna put my kids on your eyes and your tongue

[Intro: Chorus]
But I know that....

[Skit: McAshHole, ~MAH 2~, #MAH 3#]
Yall f**in with that?
~I mean, its-its alright, its-its straight. Me personally, I feel like, you know, you could use a feature or somethin.Like-like, what if you could get Wayne on their or something~
I mean, that would be f**ing lovely, but who the f** you think could afford Wayne, on a track?
#I mean, if you really want Wayne on a track, I do a really good impersonation if you want me to...#
Go right ahead, come on
Yeah, be my guest, go ahead
#Oh, okay.#
And put on a different beat.

~*clears throat*, Che-check~

[Producer Tag]
Joey The Producer

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

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