MF DOOM - Smokin That sh**

Song Rating: 7.73/10

Song lyrics:

Why do you keep smoking that sh**? Why will you keep smoking that sh**?
Why??? Why??? Why do you keep smoking that sh**?

Aight, check it out yo, check it out yo
Imma flip yo, check it out - bust it

[Zev Love X]
I connect to spots like connect-the-dots
From the Lower East Side, to way up top
I got a map too, express on the 6, I found you
Where they got the raw dog smoke at Soundview
Now, two nicks damnit, do you understand?
Nuff respect to the dread man or Imma dead man
I aint no fake man for the red hand
Its just my Walkman with instructions from Redman
Whomever I step to, remove the Phillie filter
Cause I used to know this b**h and it k**ed her (that b**h is dead)
Im smokin that sh**, cause I got a thousand jokes
Like puttin your moms in the yoke cause she broke some choke
b**h, youre blowin up the spot, be out
Yo either get some dough, or get the f** down South
With your b**h-a** son, and tell him throw up his dukes
So I can spend his lunch loot at noop noop

Check it
I do the hip, hop, the hibby, the hibby dibby
Kurious the too-fly magician, never givin
These n***as a piece of my pie, cause yo my sh** is fat
Just like my pockets your girls titties is flat
So when the b**h slid in correct with the funk from the big bra
I kindly reply, with a smile, aiyyo chill hooooot damn
Uh uh uh, Im so sorry uhh
Eat your tits, cause them sh**s is from Somalia
Check it out, on the one to the two
Its some sh** from the zoo, its the C.M. crew
Now from the cocks with the blocks on the street or the goat
With the 40, the Glocks, the Phillie and the smoke
Just like George Bush is the type to drop bombs
Jorge Kurious will smoke scarm witcha moms
Throw a 50 yard pa**, with a afro pick
To Steve, Earthquake, stop smokin that sh**

I keep my gun out my holster, Im wanted on the poster
Cause I shot the sheriff who knocked the cherry off my shoulder
He tried to get cute, so Earthquake, had to erase him
And place him, in Americas Top Ten, like Casey Kasem
I tracked him, an actor, with no sense of humor
If you heard I fell off n***a, its only just a rumor
So step the f** back, fore you get your sh** cracked
I had to think up a plan, so now Im fat like that
280 pounds of pure funk, and no junk
I snatch a ho b**h up, just like Dave, did The Chipmunks
Kid Im rough tough, strong enough to call your bluff
Handcuff your wife up, while your b**h, give me a buff
I do run run run, I do run the MCs
The king of rap, you dont believe me? Believe these!
Def rhymes on wax, dont call me, send a fax

I slam hard like Anthrax, so turn it up to the max
STOP! Youre pinchin my nerves, with rap slurs
I do my best herb, now its time to get served
So s** my dick, I dont smoke that sh**
I dont want this sh**, so you flip the script

You know Im on that sh** - STOP SMOKIN THAT SHIT
You know Im on that sh** - STOP SMOKIN THAT SHIT
Im always always on that sh** - STOP SMOKIN THAT SHIT
Yeah Im on that sh** - STOP SMOKIN THAT SHIT

[Lord Sear]
Stop smokin that sh**, fore you get k**ed
You know the flavor my man, so just chill
Now hold your head up and hold your head high
Stop smokin the dust, you just might die
Relax your mainframe, the bolder gets paid
And you wont have no motherf**in {​?}​
As you know, Im on the microphone to make you all know
That sh** that you smoke will make you mad broke
I dont give a f** about you and your crew
Im not too love sick, drink that brew Im a Nancy Drew
I dont solve mysteries, never wearin Lees
I got the motherf**in S.I. to be, where it seed
So pack up, my man I went out of breath
I got asthma on the side, take it on to the left
So stop smokin that sh** my man
And Im out, see ya later, so kick the can

I drink Colt 45 and talk in mad jive
You know I stay alive, my n***as stay alive
Easy on the smoke, I dont really feel like tokin
I gotta save some breath for this b**h I be strokin
Everyday I make a n***a get right
Jealous-a**, p**y-a** n***a cant fight
Im in my new disguise, feedin pigeons
Ducks, any bird, and bonds my word (word is bond)
I make gadgets, illy, ill toys that k**
Sleep on me, youll get a sleepin pill
Pin that n***a, down right on the mat (bang!)
If you aint my n***a, dont reach for no gat
Slap, right to the head
Im blitzed to whip that a**, muerte style, dead

You see a n***a you know - SMOKIN THAT SHIT
My man youre cold - SMOKIN THAT SHIT
Kurious Jorge I know youre not - SMOKIN THAT SHIT
Zev Love what you doin? SMOKIN THAT SHIT
Hahaha, smokin that motherf**in sh**!
Word up, yeah yeah, smokin that sh**
Smokin that motherf**in sh**, youre motherf**in right
Put the f**in pipe down!!

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 12:23