Michael Rafael - TT

Song Rating: 7.78/10

Song lyrics:

I got yo mind all in my memory
Your curves too...
Come & rock with the kid thatll roll 1 for the trip we need...
We can get it ohh we....yes, we can
Yeah, you & me
You full of trees..
& baby i dont mind, no...
You say that you see yourself on top of me
Id agree with that, lead me to believe that we dont
Got these choices... they call em options
Lets just act like we aint got them locked in
Sht poppin, when we shout out, you dropped in
Like rain drops...
Sht you do make pain stop
Got caught sinning
So, whats new?
I mean it when i move
Sitting considering how to get you
Not to much convincing
You say this is coming true
You coming thru, ima fn fool...
For what you do & for your love
Hit you with whatever
You been telling me you need
& you see, its nothing
Im getting better than ever & not giving a single f.uck...
No strings attached... right
Yeah, that was your thing from this last time

Ima fiend for that
She know that

She one too, so
She dont mind
Ima need all that love that you got hidden
Remember that time?
Soul laid down right next to this
Connected with you this preference
Yeah, that time...
Dont let it be
Just let it be & let me have
That time

Let me get some time back
Let me see you in my snapback
Nothing but some panties to match
Doing what you planned last week
Telling me to hit it from the back
With some whip cream
When i pull up on ya scene
Ima taste that
You know i gotta do what you had asked for
Take that, lay back
Feeling what i need with ya legs
You a lady, you would say that
No worries, no need to explain that
Baby, no shame.. we could save that
What you want, how you want it
Say she want it slow
Well im all in
Got some time back with you
Nowadays aint a issue
Everyday i be missing

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 01:19