MizOrMac - Splash & Cash

Song Rating: 8.32/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Bis]
Tryna splash man down, leave them chalky
Got kits on the brick phone, them man there just horny
Ty in the box, hes caged up like the nine-tailed fox
Might chop up the rocks, SA splash up the opp
They say Harlems washed
Neeks, neeks, turn to liars, and turning my target soft
Then next day dash back [?]
Ride over there to the pretty new block
See the Scooby Coo crew just running
K on the K you n***as are buzzing
From Harlem boo
Kuku from BY too
Make ps and greazy tunes
Get smoke before we buy them Loubs
Move to then splash them yutes
Kuku from BY too
Make ps and greazy tunes
Get smoke before we buy them Loubs
Move to then splash them yutes

[Verse 2: ST]
.44s in a 4 door
Or pedal bike with that bruck back
Latex or leathers on, no evidence when I bust that
125 PCX or dinger 5 door hatchback
Jumpoff gang hanging out, you know anyway well slap that
f** the opps, scoreboard is great
Ten toes on any estate
f** the opps they sing like Drake
Hammers out on any estate
Cheff man live on the mains
Couldnt give a toss if we did it bait
Free Kizz locked in the cage
For some violence and serving kway
Two dot dots on the ride
Tryna get man down you know we dont play
Little man love chattin loads
But he got cheffed by me and Rage
p**y n***a put his hands up
When S Sav backed out his blade
Dont leave your Gs when youre in the field
Wouldve held it too but youre a f**ing snake

[Verse 3: R6]
One man army, my tools are violent

Catch you in the back road sliding
60 or HS fried him
Opps giving all this verbal
Nuff of your bros we knifed in
6 4 5th no ticks
You cant tell me bout grinding
Lets lurk, lets lurk, lets lurk
Got beef and Im frying em
I was in the trap with Stacey Slater
And a bit of V
Splash a couple of opps thats me, ST
Hit you up then skeet
Caught my man and he ran
Splash man down then leave

[Verse 4: MizorMac]
Its Samurai Jack, Mizzy, Mizzy or Mac
HS on deck, no meds, YS bake off with yak
Friends in the can but I still step with HS thats men in black
Whos on who? On M? Sn, no remorse for your batch
Add a K and two more Ks see KuKu yutes in black
Badman scream gang
Gang till its real when your bredrin ran
Spartan gang, violate gang then you must be mad
Why do you think we call Nagz Max mad?
Bore up your bredrins hat
My flats called Harlem darling
Coz the place full of cats
Feds go ham
Smarkz, Ty, Loose, Sav
I got robbed for my batch
We demonically ga**ed
Majority are all dads
Dont forget where you hang
Fam, add the Ks and get grabbed
Harlem tings, Spartan ish
Splash splash and get cash (x4)

Caught my man and he ran
Move to then splash dem yutes
Splash splash and get cash
Splash splash get cash
Fam the ks and get grabbed
Move to then splash them yutes
Spartan ish, splash splash and get cash

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 11:15